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Acting in Love


We reach for a loving approach, sometimes stretching beyond “snits,” resentment, and anger.  As we practice, we do this for its own sake, not because we expect some form of pay off.

Sometimes it can sound like some proponents of law of attraction are teaching how to pull the strings of the universe to “get what you want.”  No.

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Instead, we want to head toward unconditional love for its own sake, and it does feel so good. That feeling good state is in alignment with the Forces of Good.

And then unexpected things can show up—and hey, we were happy anyway. 😊

How about an illustration?

Cornelia and Lindy enjoyed one another. In the last chunk of months they had been doing some lake trips together fairly often. As the season turned, they had fewer common interests and more life distractions. Cornelia planned to attend a holiday sale and invited Lindy to join her.

The timing of the two women had always been different from one another and this occasion was no exception. Early in the morning they texted and Lindy said yes to the invitation for early evening at the event.

Sometimes C sent reminders midafternoon to L but this time she did not. She thought to text when she arrived at her destination. “I am going inside now. Are you still planning to attend?”

Cornelia texted a few more times looking for some remark like “I’m fifteen minutes out” or “I am on my way” No word.

The dear woman soon was engrossed in the myriad choices of goodies, then paid for them. Went to look upstairs at a few more offerings. She checked her phone, put out another query. Nothing.

So she left and went on her way.

About an hour later C saw Lindy had texted her “I guess I missed you. You were not there. I figured you left already.”

C: I thought you would respond to confirm you were coming or once you were there.

L: I told you I was coming in the am. I did not say I would text.

Wow C reacted with annoyance and some hurt too. Grrrr.

The two tried to arrange a connect the next day and it did not work.

After that C decided she needed a break. When she reviewed their interaction around the sale she felt resentment again.

Our heroine pulled out the tips we often list in these posts: she put her mind on the many other matters in her life and built her momentum to feeling good. C started to review what she enjoyed in Lindy and also realized she had reacted strongly due to her own inner mood.

Meanwhile C did not have plans for the upcoming feast time. She accepted this fact and made plans for a lovely walk in nature that day.  At the same time, she would prefer companionship.

About two weeks later, Cornelia reached out to Lindy. This time it was easy to set up a walk together midday.

On the path it became clear that dear Lindy had been in emotional and bodily pain for at least two weeks. C offered her soothing words, self-affirming thoughts, loving confirmations. L felt somewhat improved by the end of the walk.

Cornelia realized that L’s quick text on that day in the past was at a time with Lindy suffering and was completely understandable. Now it seems so easy to forgive.

The time together was satisfying, and our star was glad she had reached out. (Actually the words she offered soothed herself as well as her friend.) Cornelia left feeling better than when she had arrived.

Later that day, Lindy communicated. “Wow that was so helpful, the improvements in my level of pain are lasting. I have gotten permission to include you in the celebration I am attending. Would you like to come?”

Delighted, C responded “ So glad you feel better and Yes I would love to attend”

Hee haw! An extra good, unexpected outcome on top of what felt good already.

We uplift ourselves to enjoy our own state of consciousness. And in that space in sync with Well Being, we attract more of what we want.

Questions? Stories to share? Please comment! So much from one another to enjoy!

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