Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

The Flow and What We Want


Yes we can receive answers to our prayers, attract aspects of what we want, even when we do not feel very good. We rest in the moment, doing the best we can, sometimes feeling blah, while reaching for better. So much Love abounds! On cat feet in walk some of what we have been asking for. So enriching to notice!

Darlene became aware that she missed more social contact. Her life of friends, meetings, activities, got dramatically reduced with the constraints of the last few years. Still, she rose to making do with circumstances, doing her best and reaching for better feeling thoughts.

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At this juncture D felt some fatigue and recognized her feelings. Over the years she had learned to make the present as “ok” as she could. Can she pause and receive what comes to her?

Yes she can. This woman had needed a new dentist for a few months now. The former dentist and she came to a parting of the ways. What would she do for another dentist?

Darlene got a name from a girlfriend, called that practice and discovered the price to come into the practice higher than she preferred. Hmmm. She kept putting it off.

D wanted a greater number of people with whom to socialize. One morning she sat in quiet time and put it out there again. Just barely complete with the quiet and she read a new text. A girlfriend had sent it while she asked—a request to walk together very soon! Wow answered request!

Soon it came to her that she had the name of a dentist tucked away, a recommendation from a dear friend who had recently passed over. Darlene called that practice, told the receptionist who had recommended her and D felt a warm blanket of welcome thrown over her! Those people missed her friend as much as she did. And they would be delighted for Darlene to come for a hygiene appointment—problem solved.

Two days later, unexpectedly a student from one class sat to visit with our heroine. What a satisfying conversation! Socializing was flowing to her.

At one point our star had made lists of people to whom she could reach out and plan some contact. She kept thinking it over almost in monkey mind: not much happened. When this dear woman relaxed and let it flow, yet another friend texted her for an outing to swim that day.

We have access to help more than we realize. Release effort, accept what is, smile where you can. We are already ok.

Two small plants, seedlings really, were planted though they looked on their last leg. One of them had a small stem and half a leaf, the other appeared quite droopy. Darlene watered them every day for two weeks along with those appearing with greater vitality.

Let’s celebrate the outcome: those two plants against the odds recovered and flourished.

They were assisted by the same force that produced some companionship for this protagonist.

Take Away Message:

Stay in the flow, aware of our feelings and reach for the best ones we can each moment.

Flow with blips in our path.

Allow ourselves to receive what we want.

Have faith in the Source that gives us life and provides results!

Please share a resonating story in the comments. We support each other!

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