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Yes to Parenting


So many of us carry some thoughts introduced in our past that no longer serve us—perhaps from parents, church or “what everyone seems to believe.” 

Isn’t it great that NOW we have the power to sort through that mental pile, as thoughts arise from experiences, and then to discard what hurts and limits us today.

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Amy is a vibrant woman age 43, married to a solid man, raising a young son age 6 y o. Currently she is devoting herself full time to care for her child and the home.

She met a wise older woman in the park and started chatting about life. This older woman Tasmina, who lives into the formulations of this blog, speaking about about her life, recounted that T had chosen not to bear children. Instead, she worked full time, and in her free time developed herself as a clear minded person, an artist and healer.

Amy Questioning Herself

Amy responded to T’s thought on mothering.

“Yes I worry that I made a poor choice in deciding to be a mother. Perhaps, as some others think, I should be working on improving the environment. Here I am adding residents to a planet already overcrowded.”

Receiving Soothing Response

Tasmina enjoyed her opportunity to respond and soothe A.

“Oh my Amy. You are putting energy into nurturing a person who will add to happiness of this society! How glorious and productive to raise a child to be excited with life! Each person alive with power and spirit bestows a gift that benefits all of us.

T continued, “Being someone who creates herself to beam a positive vibration in this world is offering the most important of contributions. I encourage each of us to embody that ourselves and allow it to flourish in our children. Of course, children will glow with positivity if left to feel their natural enthusiasm for each day and activity.

Take Away

No need for any mother to put herself down for adding to the population! Those parents filled with love for life, who raise young ones who bring vivacity and grace, are adding mightily to this dear planet.

Light the Candle in a Dark Room. Promote the Glow of Ourselves in this world. What a great value to add!

Want to recount a tale of contribution? Please comment and enlighten us all!

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