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Focus to Practice More Ease


We have been taught to work hard and to push through feelings of fatigue or distraction. That mode means we are living with a lot of resistance to the flow of life. Are there ways to act with more ease? Yes, there are!

Instead, let’s pursue what we want with balance and good feeling. Life can be more fun!

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Moment of Shifting toward Ease

Recently Elaine was having quiet time. Many thoughts drifted up, some related to next steps for projects, she jotted them down.

E picked up the notebook, started her to do list, and put down some thoughts that had appeared in the last few minutes. “Oh My, “Our Star sighed, “I have forgotten the one that prompted my starting the list! Uh oh, drat!”

For some seconds this dear woman began both to grumble and to “try harder” to call up that item that has slipped away. That method was not producing results.

Instead, Elaine returned to her quiet time, let her mind drift.  Definitely she felt better relaxing again and hanging out.

A couple of minutes, then Pop! there it came. E remembered the task she had wanted to pull forth.

What’s the big deal?

It’s true. Many of us know that phrase “Oh I will remember that in a minute.” Many of us are aware that letting go of that “push” to recall can assist us.

Intellectually we may “know” that taking a respite for a chunk of time produces results. Maybe we can apply this principle in more areas of life than we realize.

Other Kinds of Relief

  1. Cool off from an intense discussion. Clear my Head with a walk around the block.
  2. Writing all morning. Get up for a break
  3. Twisted ankle. Stay on the ground for a bit till find calm again.
  4. Take two days for a long car ride instead of one.

Leonardo Technique

In How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci[1] author Michael Gelb describes how daVinci advocated strongly for shifting the focus. DaVinci recommended use of juggling physical objects.  He found pausing in a concentration got his mind and body working differently, resting of attention.  After the break, returning to the creative task we can access new vigor, new creative prowess.

Take Away

  1. Notice when we need to take breaks.
  2. “Easing up on the pedal,” may allow us greater productivity
  3. Run experiments.
  4. Have more fun.

Please comment to report on discoveries. Did you create more enjoyment of your days?

[1] Gelb, Michael, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, New York, New York(Delacorte Press, Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc, 1998)

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