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Sometimes the environment around us is filled with news and attitudes we don’t prefer. Wow it is so easy to find ourselves in some kind of mood that has been affected by the surrounding conditions. This post makes a suggestion for what we can do to lift our spirits as we can.

Dallas Empowers Herself

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Dallas woke up and did not feel particularly bright or loved. The day before in a video call with  a new interesting fellow D had wanted to feel more appreciated than she did during that transmission.. As she reviewed the situation letting her habitual perceptions run,  her feelings did not improve.

Wake up moment: D realized she had to stop going over unwanted. And, wanted to shift her perspective to feel better.  In her mind our heroine called for help. This dear woman went back into her contemplative state. Pause pause.

Up popped positive sensations from a walk that occurred after that call. Dallas had not seen this woman friend in person for several years. Oh my! These two women connected so well—so much appreciation flowed back and forth, lots of stories from the same wavelength. Hey, Dallas was on to something, “Gosh I felt so valued, validated.”

“Duh, why don’t I bask in this, “ our star thought with clarity. She continued. “What other memories hold that kind of juice?” Our star got curious.

Soon she had grabbed a pad and brainstormed some favorite memories, those worth relishing.

Michael Beckwith, the Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center, suggests such an accounting which he dubs “Moments of Remembered Radiance.”  He recommends those empowered folk who want to feel better to make such a list.  Create a roster of those occasions went wonderfully for that individual, times when we felt really good.

Dallas called up two recent episodes, moments really, when a friend viewing her latest painting expressed delight. That thrilled her: her work hit a glorious spot for these two others. This protagonist can feel that any time!

Take Away

We can create these lists at times we can easily bring forth good memories. We find it easily to do when we already feel pretty good.

When we feel a variation on miserable, we can distract ourselves with something easy to do until we have shifted into the range of positive emotions.

We can benefit from even one juicy thought—right there lies our path of empowerment.

Have any questions? Please comment! We uplift one another!

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