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Living in the Stream of Yes

Awake to Delivered Miracles


We reach to affirm what we do want. Then we release it. The habit many of us feel to keep checking on whether or not we “Got it” is a form of resistance. With faith and relaxing, we can and will see some things delivered.

Example I

On the Trail, 9 x 12, $150

Dori was friends with a couple, closer to the wife. There was a complication in the relationship to the wife who was an individual who required a lot of support. Her husband passed away and Dori had not received much information beyond the notice. There was no service.

Dori became aware time was passing and she noted on her list to call the wife. The very next day, Dori was making stops to pick up various food items she needed. Realizing she wanted one more foodstuff, she swung over to a store she had not used in a long time.

There in the check out line was the daughter of this couple, Gwen. Wow, this dear woman wanted to chat as much as D did.

The two went back and forth with enthusiasm for a bit, then there was a glitch in what D was purchasing. Dori paused to handle it. In the meantime Gwen left.

Waking up to the fact that D had just been abrupt to Gwen, she paid for her food and proceeded out to the parking lot. Gazing at one car with an open door, our star scanned to reconnect, but Gwen was not there. Ok into her own car she got and sat.

Pause, pause. Then in another beat Dori turned her head to the right and there was Gwen in the very next car! What were the chances of that!

Both got their windows down and continued to share. Particularly, Dori was called to  talk about how much she admired the husband’s goodness: his patience, his persistent generosity, his success at reaching to feel as good as he could.

Gwen looked deeply touched by hearing such praise for her dear dad.

What a gift to have this chance to pass on this appreciation and support!

Example II

Dan enjoyed swimming and relished the summer days of exercising in the nearby lake. For the month of June he went two or three times a week.

Suddenly due to some circumstance with lifeguards and the county, the authorities closed this beach till further notice. For one day Dan’s spirits sunk in disappointment. His whole summer was organized around his swims!

The next day our hero realized that he was not going to feel down the whole summer. This was silly. He started a plan to hike trails in nature he really enjoyed and did that instead. Very satisfying. The dear man let it go.

Weeks passed. Wasn’t it great when a chance to swim in a friend’s pool showed up! He drove over to a distant lake. And, the hiking was genuinely good.

On the fourth week, D received an email that the local lake would be open for a couple of weekends. What a kick! Delight pulsed through Dan’s veins!

Two illustrations here of wanting, letting go and feeling the thrill of the Universe delivering.  Feeling good anyway and then more juice for joy.

Do you have some stories to tell us all? Please comment.

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