Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Step by Step, Trusting and Receiving


Living with faith might look like this: a bright idea pops, doing research, and planning step by step. We will receive assistance along the way. Let’s trust the process of life.

Abilene flinched. Some critter destroyed a plant in her garden again! She felt disappointment and hurt. Gosh she worked hard on creating that plot—chopped off stems were so annoying!

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What could A do? Hmmm how about fencing? She started her strategic thinking. What type and size animals were the most destructive? What kind of fence would work and what kind did she want to look at? Our heroine lived where the views were magnificent and certainly, she want to continue enjoying those vistas. More pondering.

Also in her life, she owned an old truck—oh gosh at one time she adored that vehicle and had had many good times with it. At present the truck sat idle and was used as a storage unit.

Un-related circumstances? On the surface it might appear so. Abilene received two inquiries: was she selling that truck? If so how much did she want for it?

Hmm, she was considering how to handle the truck.

As life flows, one of the gentlemen who wanted the truck, worked near her home and had tons of experience with putting up fences. Bing! A fun possibility popped in A’s head.

What if our star traded the truck for the fence job? This sharp female would make certain, she got an advantageous deal: materials, labor and maybe some cash in the transaction. One of the interested parties was very experienced in electric fencing. He had created many fence enclosures which would be invisible—a key fact for protecting the view from her property.

Abby’s enthusiam was rising on the venture. What else did she need to research before she started having conversations with the relevant players?

Pause Pause.

This dear woman used her time that week for clearing some unwanted items from her abode. That undertaking involved taking a load to the nearby recycling shed. There, items with some value are exchanged, Each contribution finds a new home.

Recently A took a car load over to that shed. While there, another local was leaving off some goodies and they took a moment to chat.

Since it was on her mind, our protagonist shared that she was plotting this electric fence endeavor. The other woman spoke with enthusiasm. “We put up an electric fence that is working great for us. Golly, would you be interested in coming over to have a look at the way we did it, the materials we used, what we have learned about structure and placement?”

Abilene had to focus to close her mouth. “Wow, that is so generous of you. I would love to view your set-up and listen to some pointers on what you have learned. That would be so helpful”

A was in awe! This offer was perfect timing for her next steps, for her to get a good chunk clearer of precisely what she wanted to create and how. What were the chances of running into an opportunity like that with no effort at all?” she pondered.

For this project Abilene had not struggled with the idea, was not rushing into anything. A was taking her time and letting things come to her. Wow again! Without “trying hard” she got assistance unexpected and treasured. What a world! Abby was so grateful!

What stories can you offer that resonate with this tale? Please share in the comment section. We inspired one another!


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