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Living in the Stream of Yes

Relishing the Flow of Good


Let’s notice the flow of Good. When your thoughts are mostly leading to feeling of contentment, things can flow so well for you. Here are some illustrations to inspire you to relish yours:

Flowing I.

Judy had lost her eye doctor. How do you lose a doctor? The practice where she had always gone answered the phone one day to   announce her practitioner had 

Yellow Bog, 9 x 12, $120

Yellow Bog, 9 x 12, $120

retired. J believed them. After she was treated by one of the other members of that practice, she decided she would not go back there.

One year went by, her eyes were feeling strained. Oh, how she wished to get advice from her favorite eye doctor. One evening, our heroine envisioned finding an email address for her favorite eye adviser and begging for a consultation.

The NEXT DAY Judy’s dear friend mentioned she’d be going to the eye doctor—which was the same one that Judy used to have. Where is that physician practicing? J discovered her doc had not retired but had moved her business to a nearby city.

Our star got on the phone to get an appointment. Now the practitioner was really retiring in four months, no openings now but J was placed on a waiting list.

Inside Judy she felt so happy to find this person who would help her. J felt good, already felt blessed to have found her, and she knew somehow, she would get in to see her.

One morning ABOUT TWO WEEKS after getting on the wait roster, the phone rang quite early. Wow the practice had THREE cancellations and two that day! Bingo! then her wish came true. Judy saw the doc and got just the assistance she needed.

Flowing II.

Asra had a visitor in her studio one afternoon. Both artists, they discussed their latest work, the direction of their art and plans for shows. As they chatted, A pointed to her wall of drawings pinned up with care, results of her passionate expression over couple of years. Those pieces all required framing in order to be exhibited.

How would she acquire affordable frames? Our star would get busy praying for them. The two friends hugged and the visitor parted.

About an hour later, Asra’s suite mate trotted in speaking animatedly, “There are a bunch of frames in the free box on the lower level!” Our heroine dashed out the door and down to that location. Great! Frames aplenty sat in the free box for the taking.

A began to pick one up and internally said “Whoa these are heavy! I cannot lift and carry even one of these upstairs.”  A pop in her mind, “Look in the corridor.” There in the hall was a hand truck, sitting there for use.

Easily she got the frames on it, rolled to the nearby elevator and in no time she had frames resting in her studio.

From the clear thought of her needing them to having them spanned less than TWO HOURS.  Asra relished the flow of good!

Are you observing wonderful happenings, amazing “coincidences” flowing in your life? Many of us are inspired and enriched by reading them. Please comment and share!


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