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Discovery of Mislaid Items


Salt Marsh Bog, 16 x 20, $395

Salt Marsh Bog, 16 x 20, $395

Do you have techniques for retrieving items you have mislaid?

What you hold in your mind is so powerful! In the past you may have felt annoyance and frustration when you cannot find something you want and need. For example, “Where are those blanket-y blank keys?” you may cry. 🙂

Dear Readers,  are you open to experimenting with the way you approach your search?

When something is mislaid–

  • Tune into your emotions
  • Soothe yourself
  • Bit by bit ease yourself into knowing you are ok now
  • Distract yourself and let the joy of living bubble up.
  • Focus on an image or activity you love to ponder.
  • Breathe, and let yourself receive.

Below read a tale demonstrating how this can look:

Eliana’s Story

Eliana practiced using the power of her focus to feel better in her day. On this Saturday E had decided to attend a workshop. She ran around the house preparing, packing a lunch and all.  Midway through her process, she stood at the dresser and went to put on her bracelets. Our star thought, “Where are my favorite wrist adornments?”

Immediately she went around looking for them. Not on table tops, desk tops, bedside stand. Soon E grabbed her purse and went through the contents, looking into the compartment where she often stored jewelry when she took them off for yoga or a healing session.  Nothing.

Continuing with her regime, she ate breakfast, put on makeup and more. Time to leave soon. How about another look in the handbag?  Again, feeling some urgency and frustration, she went through the sections and the zipper pouches. Nothing.

“Surrender,” thought Eliana, “Time to leave and enjoy my day. I release this.  I am fine whether I find these or not.” Quickly, she put on  a different bracelet and left for the scheduled event.

Eight hours later, our heroine returned ready for dinner.  She felt glad to be home after a rich day. During her relaxed evening the thought popped into her head, “I wonder where that bracelet is.”  Getting up from the couch, E went over to her purse, looked into the compartment where she would put jewelry, and there it was. The “lost” bracelet was right where she would put something when she took it off while not at home.

“Wow,” thought this dear woman, “I had looked in that zipper slot at least three times this morning. Now feeling much more at peace I can easily find them. Pretty Cool: I love my power of focus, I adore finding lost things, and I love that piece of jewelry!”

How about you? Do you feel moved to experiment with this tool? Maybe you are already great at this.  Please share a story!












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