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Pay Off with Self Mastery


Turquoise Bog, 24 x 30, $425

Turquoise Bog, 24 x 30, $425

Isn’t it powerful to calm ourselves when we get upset! It is such a wonderful tool of self mastery. Don’t you love knowing that Good has been flowing to you right along even through the emotional blips? You have access to Good now! Please check out this example.

Setting the Scene

Kalliope arranged for an art show at a nearby business. She had visited

the place and consulted the coordinator for information about the hanging system. She arrived with her pieces and apparatus to hang the show.

Greeted by the organizer, getting settled, our artist looked around at the place to get her bearings.

The Blip

The show was to hang in three rooms.  In the middle room, the main display area, K noticed there was no ridge from which to hang fish line, and the wall did not take hooks.  Responding to her query, the coordinator informed her that she would have to use one of the 3M Adhesive products from the Command Damage Controlling Line.

Our heroine is not familiar with these products; she felt intimidated by this news.

Receiving instructions to go to a nearby store, K went off to acquire what was needed. What she purchased did not do the job, its adhesive not strong enough for this task. Our star got more anxious.

Meanwhile the coordinator had gone out on a client call.  Kalliope turned to the venue Director for assistance.

Signs of Solution

In another few breaths, this second staffer remembered a solution that worked in a past exhibit; she agreed to put in hooks along the window frames by tomorrow.

Awareness of Inner Life

Kalliope went home and realized she needed to calm herself. Yes, she felt a pull to feel tense and worried. No, she did not need to let these feelings run on and on.

“Wait a minute! Won’t the Director want this exhibit to work?”  thought our star. Our dear woman realized: yes, she was worried and yes, she had started to picture things going poorly.  Her pivotal moment: “Why not imagine things going well? The Boss will place the needed hardware and from there it will be easy!”


The next day all did go well. Hooks in place as promised, and another staff volunteered to help with the remaining tasks for hanging.

Near opening start time, yet more help came her way to fit more art on the walls.

Take Away

For part of a day, Kalliope’s distress blinded her from seeing that the problem was being easily solved.

And, though triggered and feeling afraid, K reached for self-mastery. She shifted her thinking. Then she was able to notice the Good was right there, assistance coming quickly in unexpected forms.

  1. Notice our thinking
  2. When we observe our distress, we can pause till calm returns.
  3. When we remember to look for what we do want, we can bring it in. And have more fun along the way! 🙂

Isn’t it great to notice the power we have with us!  We can trust Life!

Do you want to tell us one of your stories of self-mastery? Please comment! We uplift one another!








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