Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Delighting in What Unfolds


What happens in our lives can leave us tickled with how things unfold.  Please read about what happened for Rita recently and enjoy the way the universe sent validation.

The Start

This story begins with a Soul Collage® session. Soul Collage is a method of self-discovery through creation and intuitive analysis

of a deck of collage cards. (If interested, read more about soul collage here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoulCollage.

Closer to Eden, 16 x 20, $295

Closer to Eden, 16 x 20, $295

Invited to experience a soul collage session using the practitioner’s deck, Rita was excited to accept this offer because she loves growing as a person.

To start, R picked four cards from the deck.  The first card featured an image of a dinosaur, beak raised in the air. Our star saw this as squawking, crying out.

What did this mean to her? In a flash, Rita was reminded of her childhood and how she kept her feelings closely guarded. As she has evolved, she chooses to share more openly with close friends. Proud of her development, these days she takes more risks, expresses her emotions forthrightly and supports herself more than seeks approval from others.

Internet Dating Incident

That same day our heroine had received a response from a man on internet dating. She identified a very interesting man and reached out though he lived quite a distance away.  The response had good news and bad news. The fellow affirmed her attractiveness and appreciated her qualities and shared interests. However, he expressed his desire to halt the interaction at the start because the distance was too great.

Usually Rita would accept this sentiment and move on. But this night she sat at her computer having just come from the soul collage session, and she decided to push back.  In her note she pointed out how rare it was to find mutual attraction and respect immediately. “Was it really best merely to dismiss it and pass it by?” she asked. “What if they imagined a relationship working easily in an out of the box way?”

That night our dear one relished that she had spoken up. Daydreaming of a good connection and filled with positive possibility she had a good night’s sleep.

In the morning there was no response. She remained glad she had written.

The Perspective

What story did she want to tell about this? At this juncture it could look like disappointment and “no match.”

But wait! In that same next morning, she received an entry to her subscription to “dailygood.com.” In it there was a long interview with Bronnie Ware, the author of the work “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.” (If desired read it here. https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/#search/top+5+regrets+of+/FMfcgxwDqfJvMjllKlBRnPDTlHDgzhxJ )

According to Ware, the dying often regretted not having had the courage to live the life really wanted, not having been true to themselves. Many wished they would have communicated more deeply with those important in their lives.

In Awe

Rita felt in awe of receiving this article on this particular morning. She had moved beyond her usual comfort zone to speak out to this possible suitor. Isn’t it cool that she got validation in an unexpected way for speaking up?  She expressed with courage; she reached for sharing something important.  R was living in a way she would not regret.

And in another layer of fun, in less than a week’s time, our star finds another fellow pursuing her with interest, a smart attractive man who resides at less distance from her home.

Do you have stories to tell of what surprise and delight has unfolded for you? Please comment! It’s all around us!

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