Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

A Relaxed Second Look


We are in charge of our perceptual lens. What we see and how we interpret what we see is entirely subject to our assumptions, the way we think.

If we judge something with a quick glance, and decide it is not up to our standard, we can miss out. Perhaps we can get pay off in taking a second look when we feel better and then making a second survey.

Part I

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Jamelia was led to realize the truth of a Second Survey with two incidents flowing to her within an hour one morning.

In the past several weeks Jamelia had put one candle aside due to frustration with its wick “disappearing.”  

Where was the wick? For a moment she wondered.” Have I wrecked a perfectly good candle? Grrr!” J persisted in this rescue effort for awhile and then woke to the fact that her efforts were coming to naught. She made the choice to put it aside.

This fine morning Jamelia pulled out this piece of paraffin. She felt happy and relaxed and took another look at the glim. One glance down and easily J saw that that black smear was the wick. Oh. In less than a minute our star had adjusted the wax light resulting in  a working candle. Success! Wow with her perception was calm and clear, her power was regained and her task was so easy. Interesting lesson!

Part II

Jamelia had a recent date, got emotionally wound up. J corresponded with another man and admittedly had buttons on alert with this second man, Tim.

Tim wrote about feeling excited about their connection. As she read the recent missive, she felt nervous because she did not feel as strongly as he sounded. Uh oh, our heroine started to get out of balance again.

Jamelia took her attention to resting and breathing. Then she pulled an oracle card—the point of which conveyed that we all have divergent feelings inside ourselves—we can make them all ok.

This dear woman realized that her correspondent was free to have lots of feelings, and they were not a threat to her. “Oh my, I see I started to think his emotional reactions were my responsibility. And if I don’t feel the same, I am causing suffering.  No, he is experiencing his richness inside. I am free to feel inside me.”

Following this insight, J reread his note to her, and  calmly and interpreted it quite differently.  When she let go of feeling self-blame, she breathed easier and enjoyed his message more. More reward for a relaxed second look!

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