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Caring for Loved One with Dementia


Some of us will find ourselves in a position to care for a loved one who is suffering from dementia. What insight and strategy are available to us in light of perspectives in this blog?

The dementia sufferer may complain a fair bit, not appreciate much of anything or anyone, behave non responsively. How can a caretaker care for self under those circumstances?

In such a situation there lies particular incentive to focus on ourselves with love and care. What an opportunity to deepen our training on looking for Good more and more wherever we look.

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What Some Caretakers Do in Looking for Good

  1. Lara was caring for a family member, yes. She also ran a thriving acupuncture practice. L tuned into each client and greatly enjoyed the process of treating them and observing each to feel better upon leaving.
  2. Candace talked kindly to herself during her day. She provided food for herself that she relished. On her break she went outdoors and relished her nature the natural environment around her.
  3. Remi affirmed, “The sun continues to shine behind every cloud.” And “Source has my back.”
  4. Marlene made it ok to feel her hurt or discouragement in some moments. It was so understandable. Sometimes she reached into her toolkit and reminded herself of what she appreciates about herself.
  5. Darla saw herself as a duck with a greased back: negative comments could roll off her back not affecting her. Using this inner picture, our heroine more easily did not take negative asperions personally. 
  6. Applying the advise in this piece over months, Ella focused on what she enjoys bit by bit and testifies now that it feels like she has a different life– even a different husband! She experiences tremendously more fun– this stuff works!

Of course we can apply of these approaches if we choose. When we embody Good, we get so many pay offs. We are then able more readily to appreciate and focus on what we want, living our life with more joy.

Embodying Good has so many pay-offs. This is just your excuse for getting better at appreciating and focusing on what you want and living your life with more joy.

Do you have a success story from caring for someone like this? Each of your positive thoughts brings light to the world– thanks for yours and isn’t that wonderful to know!

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