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Feeling Discouraged: A Wake Up Call


What a wonderful thing to come into our personal power more and more each day! This journey will involve our noticing what annoys us. Grr!

As we live in more awareness, we recognize that what shows up reflects something in our energy. Certainly, we are creating how we react to what crosses our path. Yes, we are taking charge of how we perceive what is there before us—we can take a reading from the navigational dashboard of our life—and make course corrections.

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We don’t take as truth every habitual thought that passes through – nor do we take these feelings as reflecting “who we are.” No! If we feel less than good, our state is pointing out past thoughts we may want to clean up..

A Story from Adele

Adele attended the meeting of her supervisor and his direct reports. At Adele’s check in, she mentioned how she felt tired.

Later, her colleague Gwen told the boss that with that assertion Adele was implying to her colleagues that she worked harder than all of them. In reaction, the boss then cautioned Adele to watch how she spoke at these meetings. Our star felt misunderstood and disheartened by this exchange. 

Adele consulted a friend on the path of active evolution. That person offered:

“Whatever we feel is ok—your discouragement is ok.”

“Your feelings showing up are unwanted — what do you want?”

“You want to please your boss and colleagues. You want those outside you to show you respect”

To get the respect of others, first we may need to respect ourselves more.

“How to do that? What can we list of what we have accomplished that pleases US, qualities that serve us well?

Adele’s friend reminded her:

Last year A had managed a huge project where she assisted in the design of a new building, an significant expansion, plans for the move, including the move itself to that site. More than a year later the results exceeded every prediction of success by 50% and more. Further, her skills and confidence grew enormously. There were so many rewards to reap.

This dear woman can review this story to rev up her self respect. And in the way of things she will then attract more honoring from others. Adele did feel better as she reviewed her own accomplishments. A shift of her focus helped a lot! We have that personal power!

Want to share a story where your feelings woke you up to what shifts you could make inside? Please comment! We love being inspired.

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