Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Our Thoughts Shape Our Experience


Our minds shape how we feel and what we experience. To some extent Loretta knows this. In today’s story she experiences a stunning realization of her power as one of her assumptions proves entirely false.

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Emerging Selves, 16 x 20, $475

About a week ago during an online class her teacher briefly scolded Loretta.   In the seconds after it happened L knew that teacher was not pleased with her about some note she had taken during class.

During the following interval, L mostly forgot about it and had a rich week with lots happening, many good events to enjoy.

The Week Passed

The time for the class came around again. L wondered whether she now would be confronted with her “wrongdoing” and would be put in a position to defend herself, be shamed or more. She wanted to stay calm but admittedly she felt a bit frightened. For a couple of minutes our star delayed joining the group. Then with one minute to go she took the starting steps.

Ominously as the leader admitted participants, the teacher told L that she wanted to talk with her after class. That meant Loretta would now wait until after the class to have this “talk.”

Therefore, for about an hour and fifteen minutes our heroine anticipated hearing what the convenor would have to say. This dear woman performed the poses and, in the process, felt more and more relaxed. Yes, the protagonist felt a reaction to imagined accusations– but L pulled out of worry and fear.

Instead using her experience and power, L reached in her mind for what she has been wanting to accomplish, how well she has been performing, how much she contributes. Loretta felt more calm and lighter.

The Conversation

At last it was time for this exchange, Drum roll. The teacher began …

Wait a minute! As our star listened , she heard this leader asking her if she would help care for the planters in front of the studio building. L was not at all threatened by this topic. Plant care.


For Heaven’s sake, L had been so tense about an imagined confrontation. L had made up a scary story in her mind. Wow L now realized her internal invention and now faced that nothing like it was actually happening.

Also, Loretta had facilitated herself to release most of the fear about this “talk” and had gotten calmer and more balanced.

Wow what a lesson! The whole “drama” was entirely fabricated—a figment of her mind! She had gotten shaken and then relieved—and all because of what she told herself in her head! We can notice when we start to create a drama and then soothe ourselves before our fear and worry kick in. Maybe you have already started to do this.

Do you have stories of how afraid you got of something and the basis of the fear was totally false? A tale of how you invented “trouble” there was none at all in real life.

A bad fairy tale but the rescue was tuning to Source Energy and knowing there was protection and all was well. Phew!

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