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Living in the Stream of Yes

The Dying Inspire


A woman who was approaching death spoke to her congregation of like minded souls. Those in attendance gather to listen where talks about the Forces of Good are given weekly. This speaker talked about her approaching death and some of the insights she was having as her process unfolded.

Some Key Messages from the Speech

The dying one said, “I am letting go of my habit to judge myself and others. I release holding myself apart, of concern of what others might think of me.”

“Instead, I now welcome in more closeness with those I know. With them, I open my heart to them and I receive their love for me. Imagine that! I feel their respect and affection.  I feel connected more than ever to the Forces of Good and to my circle of friends.”

After listening to this presentation, Claudine huddled with a fellow participant, one devoted to integrating the Forces of Good. Claudine enthusiastically shared, “In that first section of meditation, I received an important insight. I have so many things I want to do with my life. Up till arriving here today I have continued to wonder if I have that long to live. I might die fairly soon. Now I came to know that my time for dying is not soon at all. In fact, it’s many years away.

With all these things I want to do, still I tend to change my mind, not start any project, procrastinate. I have that problem.”

Soothing Response

The more practiced friend responded,

  1. “You are fine right now. The culture around you may judge that you ‘should’ get more done. Some may say you ‘should’ get some of those projects underway. In my view you are forgiven all that—in fact let’s celebrate who you already are!
  2. Isn’t it great that you feel more confident now of your bright future! You have a good chunk of time ahead to play with some new activities! Great to feel you have plenty of time.
  3. Let’s say again. You can let go of the sense that you need to be ‘constructive’ in your time after retirement. You can relax into what you feel like doing right now in this moment.
  4. How astonishing to realize that you could go take a nap and that is part of letting go!
  5. What a surprising thought that you can make what you feel like doing right now acceptable—whatever it is.
  6. As we let go, we are connected to the Forces of Good which guide us. Our intuition is leading and we can trust it.
  7. In my view this represents an important teaching of what was shared in the lecture.

Claudine kept having fun and continued to enjoy her morning. In that now moment she was enjoying her realizations and the fellowship.

As we embody the Forces of Good more and more, we all grow stronger in our ability to discern an inner voice that judges us and our strength to embrace our nature, our spaciousness of being.

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