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Our Process with Miracles

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We can get what we want and be ourselves along with the way. Yes we reach for “expecting” and we slip into negativity for moments too. Still miracles show up.

Catrina’s Story

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Oops sometimes Catrina forgot to “expect” to get what she wanted. How could that happen? (tongue in cheek humor: C was raised in the world of limited beliefs that are most of us.)

She looks for good. This spring Catrina needed to get the lawn where she lived mowed—at a reasonable price, i.e. very reasonable. The person who had done it last year is no longer available.  C winced at the possible prices. Around her houses at double and triple the value were popping up.

The man across the street recommended his nephew mow C’s lawn and our star agreed. . Meanwhile two weeks went by with no message from the nephew. The protagonist did take initiative to peruse bulletin boards at the local coffee shop and hardware store and did come away with one possible service. News came that the nephew was too busy to help her.

Catrina admits that compared with her optimism at the outset, her spirits had begun to slip. She noted in herself a bit of resistance when C started to calculate a Plan B for her budget if the lawn care cost more than she preferred.

The Turning Point

Hey ho! Our heroine called that one name from the postings—that man volunteered to come over for an estimate in a few hours. His lawn care fulfilled her desires and the price was an excellent, affordable value. What a miracle to connect with just what she wanted!

Then Catrina realized another layer—the Forces of Good delivered what she needed even when her own emotions got discouraged. Good to remember how loved and protected we are!

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