Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Feel Good on the Way to Goals


On a path of growth, we will always notice something more we want. Go after it, yes, and enjoy life on the way. Let’s relax, feel good and be kind to ourselves. Some goals may take longer than others. Let’s read this exchange, cheering on persistence.

The Exchange

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

This story begins with Sylvia running a group promoting consciousness of our thoughts and feelings. S facilitates sharing on how we can focus so we live in with a more playful attitude, more expression of kindness, enjoying our lives.

Karima was attending, eager to soak up tools and insight on how to pay attention to manifest these changes.

First, they discussed Karima approach to going for greater financial abundance.

Then in a few moments, Sylvia discusses how she plays with her goal of attracting a partner. She is dating, so far has not found a boyfriend, and is enjoying her life anyway. She said:

“I stay in the moment. On this journey I want to appreciate all that I DO manifest and what I am learning. So far, the dating has not resulted in a boyfriend per se but I am growing so much stronger, more self-supporting and happier on the way to this goal.

Karima says, “Since you are not meeting your goal and you are happy, don’t you wonder if you are denying your goal? “

Sylvia says, “No I am not denying my goal.  I know when I am flowing fully in happiness about a goal, it will be met. If I have not yet achieved my goal, I do have some resistance about it.

I proceed learning about myself, making changes in my attitude and assumptions. Enjoying as much as I can as I persist.

Further, S said, “If I told myself ‘I am denying my goal’ I would hurt my own feelings. It sounds like a self-put-down somewhat of a mean self-assessment. Instead, I am training myself to speak kindly to my dear self.”

Karima responded, “Well for myself I want to be clear I really want to meet my goals! I really want to get there! “

S tells her, “Good for you. You know your desires. What I am holding out here is a possibility of enjoying the path to the goal, to find a place of happy with or without getting just what you want right now.”

K speaks up, “Ok I can see that. I want patience and I want to tune into the moment and relax while I go toward the goal. I can chill more 😊”

S nods with energy, “You got it. Yes!”

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