Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

From Resentful to Empowered


In this dear culture in which we live, we might find ourselves feeling resentment toward another. That person may have hurt us in the past and often we want something from that other that he or she is not easily offering. Here is one account of how we might shift our thoughts and feelings to find more contentment with this person.

The Habit

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Dana experienced being first born among her siblings and recalled in childhood how the younger sister, Brae, middle of three children, quested for her mother’s attention whenever she could.

For childhood years and beyond Dana had filled a role as dutiful big sister and protector, helping to manage those younger family members. Sister Brae had sought out D to report her tales of woe and to request her to handle various family tasks. In the course of her own healing our heroine followed a path of becoming more confident and powerful, clearing old hurts, standing with self-respect and more.

In adulthood now Dana focuses primarily on her own life, stepped up when asked, sent appropriate gifts on the holidays. She did not seek out contact beyond that.

Dana Addresses the Hurt

In her heart this star wanted to be seen and known as who she had become, the person who she had crafted herself and flowered into being.

The Incident

A few days before D’s birthday, sibling Brae, invited her to a family zoom call.  AT first D groaned inside as she “graciously” accepted the offer. Our birthday woman would enjoy a brief check in with all of Brae’s children.  Ideally what Dana wanted was getting lots of attention and showered with affection. D  knew that the call was unlikely to offer that.

As the appointed time for the call approached, Dana got inspired to face what was going on with her. “Wait a minute, I feel tight with resentment just under the surface. Is that paving the way for a fun family call?” D thought.

“Heck, no!” cried our protagonist. “Let me see what is going on here.”

Dana sat quietly and asked herself what she wanted to remember right now.

“Hmm I notice how I want praise and affection. Like the kind I would want from a parent figure. I see Brae wants that too. Neither of us can satisfy the other. We both want to be filled with Self Love, and each of us can only get satisfied by tuning into the Good Around Us,  Source Energy.

“Why not focus on beaming love out to the others on the call. Enjoy them and I am enjoying myself! That is all I have to do.”

D breathed. Pause.

“Why not put out the love I want to increase in this world! “


During the zoom call, the dear woman Dana did her best with her new orientation. She smiled a lot, beamed and then rested, making the  call ok. She did feel better on the call than on communications in the past. This change required practice and bit by bit she embraced her new direction with Brae. Dana liked feeling more powerful over feeling resentment. 😊

Do you want to ask a question? Share a story that resonates with this message of empowerment? Please comment. Does it feel great to take charge of ourselves?? !!!

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