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Notice the Story we Tell


Riverview Waynesboro, 16 x 20, $475

Riverview Waynesboro, 16 x 20, $475

Oh Wow! There is so much opportunity to exercise our power in how we tell the stories of our lives. Yowser!  Look for the Good in what happens.  Enjoy the energy from living through what we don’t want– rocketing then toward what we Do want. Below are some accounts:  

Once Upon a Time Louann experienced an unusual circumstance in traffic. A red light for a left turn appeared not to function– she turned left when it appeared safe. About a minute later, our heroine created worry, got afraid of a traffic ticket, and then berated herself for poor judgment.  ( On the outer planes, Louann turned left at a broken light.)

L was heading to a class involving movements to heighten body awareness and to relieve tension. Upset, she reached for the attention to focus on the class, one where students made small bodily movements and felt for shifts. The adrenaline of self reproach ran; she did her best to participate and to allow ease to flow.

After about half hour, a soothing idea popped into her mind. What if she had a supporting person to pay for any ticket she might acquire? What if our L had back up? Wouldn’t that be cool!

Another pop, our star recalled that she had an account of money from her deceased mother rarely used. Hey ho, what is she paid for any ticket from this stash? Ahhh ! She felt calmer with this thought.

What self talk do we offer ourselves? This woman found a way to see her situation so that she felt support and that brought relief. Why not play the game to observe the positive benefits that have come forth from situations not preferred. Hey look at all those happy endings from events in my life I would not have chosen.  Louann never did get a ticket from that turn :).

Caterina parted ways with a long term romantic partner with much inner drama and heartache. Following the flow of life, our C breathed into each day and within two years had begun a whole new life in a new location: new state, new employment, new creative expression and much more joy. What if every unwanted event was the opening for lots of new experiences we desire?

What if we..

  • notice how we feel
  • observe what we are saying to ourselves
  • play with talking to ourselves in our minds in ways that lift our spirits

Do you have examples of times when you have re-framed what you were saying to yourself to positive advantage? Please comment! Share the wealth of your experience, please!



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