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Living in the Stream of Yes

A Story of Making Ourselves New           


Can we gain some value from a story of noticing thoughts and pivoting, changing attitude?  Read about how we can wake up to what is in our mind and make ourselves new.  A tale to consider shared below:

Larinda had begun to spend time with a man of her liking. The fellow experienced a traffic violation while

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operating his vehicle. She cringed.

Listen in to the flow of her thoughts as she processed his news:

“This person does not pay attention.

This fellow is not a good driver.

I am at risk if I ride with that person.

This man may keep doing this.

I am reluctant to associate with someone with this kind of behavior.”

The tightening in her gut showed her that she felt fear. L wanted to pull away from this friend. Words like “Get me out of here” came to her mind.

Our heroine took a breath. “Wait a minute! Where did I just take myself inside?

Ok, how do I recover?

Have I ever had a moving violation? Yes I have.”

After a moment’s pause, Larinda remembered after she received a traffic ticket herself, she renewed her alertness in driving, paying closer attention. Actually, her incident made her a better driver. Whoa, good to notice what an “accident” can inspire.

This train of thought put her mind on the positive. The judgment and fear running inside her eased.

Can it be this simple to shift perspective? Yes, it can.

Our star soothed herself and felt more open. Isn’t it more inviting to watch for the good in her companion rather than condemn his action? What a different life we all can live if we catch ourselves in the creation of a trail of fear and change the course.

What if we notice when cringing and intimidation is triggered and simply return to an easier mental state? How relaxing to again feel pleasure in the moment!

When we use our power to shift from fear to “All Is Well”, we are creating ourselves anew.

What thoughts come to mind when you review this post? I encourage you to share your reactions. Comment and contribute!

Most Happy New Year! Thanks for reading the blog this year. I value all of you!




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