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Keep Going: Urgent Moments Can Resolve Easily.


Woven into the fabric of our living we will experience blips. It is guaranteed that we will experience what we do not prefer and then we realize what we DO prefer. Some events feel so urgent and yet as we persist, find some ease, resolution can come easily.

Constance and a friend went about the task of emptying a storage space, moving boxes and other materials out of one house to another. She did great on the flight of stairs, up and down, up and down.

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When the process was nearly complete, Connie stepped out the door onto the front porch and felt stabbing pain. Oops, her foot had landed at the edge of a thick straw doormat, half on the mat and half off. Her ankle took a serious twist.


Trained in energy healing, immediately C put hands on her ankle for a few minutes. Generously her friend picked up the slack and handled what remained of this transfer project.

That afternoon the pain spiked. Our heroine tended to her injury with ice, natural remedies and a Jin Shin Jyutsu session.

In addition to the hurt itself, C admitted she felt frightened. Constance wants to remain self-sufficient.

Later in the evening, our star felt physical pain rise and fall and so did her fear. Alone, she cried for a couple of minutes and felt relief.

Wait a minute! C told herself this would pass. She was not alone in life! No! She was moving around even if for the moment it was a slow hobble. Knowing she could access the support of a naturopath for special herbal formula also helped ease her trepidation.

Experimenting with different ways to hold her body, this dear woman did reduce her pain in movement; the fear eased too. By bedtime she felt balanced.

Punchline: The following morning Constance arose and could walk easily. No pain from her foot– she could move erect and normally.

Constance was practicing her version of going with the flow. She has slowed down, put focus on her condition. She refrained from “pushing through” as some might advise and she did persist in ease.  

Two days later, she had little remnants of her twisted ankle.

Wow– isn’t good to notice that she could recover so quickly! One might think pain means something really bad and long lasting is happening– it does not! Instead, soon Constance felt a re-boot, a kind of refreshment and in awe of how life moves through.

Let’s notice how Forces of Good was present the whole time. C felt resilient with the flow.

Do you have stories of situations that seem so urgent yet easily resolve?  Please comment.

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