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Importance of Reaching for Better Feeling


We wield our personal power as we reach for thoughts that feel better. People can live a more satisfying life as we awaken to what we feel and lift out spirits if we notice a dip. We want to pursue thoughts that lead us out of unhappiness.

Keanna does look for reasons to feel better as she goes through her day. Sure, when she feels quite chipper, she coasts and basks in those good vibrations. If she notices she has dipped a bit, she seeks an improved emotional state.

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In her practice our heroine offers sessions to harmonize the energy and most clients experience one of deep relaxation and improved mood.

The Story

Marguerite sought out Keanna for assistance. After both the first and second sessions K observed M appearing very relaxed and with an open and happier countenance.

In the third visit, M came in looking, discouraged and unhappy. This dear woman arrived in notable discomfort. Also, she had discerned “what she had,” researched a possible remedy and determined she would hate pursuing it. Marguerite experienced both physical and mental anguish.

Soon after beginning, Keanna inquired whether M noticed her relief from past session immediately or was it stronger the next day.  This client did not recall feeling any relief at all.

Toward when the meeting would have ended, M said she needed to get up and then stood. Keanna asked whether Marguerite felt less in pain now, and M commented that the pain was gone. However, K noticed this seemed unimportant to M.

Instead, this recipient seemed to put focus on the thoughts suffering of the condition and its possible remedy.  Soon, she paid her fee, left, and then the next day emailed she would discontinue the meetings.

K sees opportunity for greater use of personal power in this story.

  1. Marguerite did not notice the relief from the sessions both past and present.
  2. Instead, M put focus suffering both of the diagnosis and from eating the diet she thinks she needs to heal.
  3. We do not need or want to make the thoughts of unwanted more important than the improved feelings of this moment.
  4. We can choose to enjoy this immediate amelioration, this now moment of better feeling.
  5. We have a bright future where wanted solutions can flow to us!

We each may have an account when we reviewed what scares us and what we don’t want instead of allowing something good in the present. Want to share how good it felt to give more mental air time to what we enjoy right now? We all can relate and love that inspiration.

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