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Receptive Mode


Have you heard the expression “Let it go?” How about “I turn this over to Source Energy?” With anything we want, Source can deliver when we release the details of “how” and “when” to this Higher Power.

Can we find that place to be happy anyway in advance of what we want? Sure we can. Each of us can live a life grateful, pleased, content more and more of the time. For those who appreciate through their day it is a routine mode, i.e. the receptive mode.

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Below illustrates the power of shifting to receptive mode:

Place to Live

Carolena rented in the downstairs of someone’s home. After a good long run of living there, the landlord informed her they were going to sell the property and she would need to move out. At first C did not have a specific deadline and could use the months to start her search.

This heroine felt frightened at first and under pressure to find a suitable dwelling (even though the deadline was not imminent.) She set about checking listings, making calls and looking at properties.

In the beginning she found herself putting attention on the difficulty of the search, on prices she found daunting, and other aspects unwanted.

One day with a friend she ventured to look at a property quite a distance from her first choice area to reside. At one point in 90 degree heat she got lost, boiled over with upset. Got out of the car in a strange driveway, waved her arms and expressed her frustration, so upset. Oh dear she realized she wanted to find calm and self mastery.

That evening reading a spiritually uplifting work, she read about a man who had been run over in his car by an eighteen-wheel truck. His friend, a minister, comes to visit him and sees the accident victim, suffering horribly, does not care if he survives.

The visitor says, “We will pray you to live!”

Flash in that moment Carolena got this clarity: C had to turn over the housing search to Source Energy. She would delegate the “how”; she surrendered.

The next morning she searched the online ads and continued to do so. She went about her day relaxed. In about three weeks she found a very interesting ad, close by at a price she could afford. As she asked the landlord her key questions, she got positive responses. OMG! Here it is!

Likely, each of us has examples from our own lives. Please share: We are so inspired reading one another’s miracles!

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