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Healing: Knowing You are Whole Now


Diane's Pond 2, 16 x 20, SOLD

Diane’s Pond 2, 16 x 20, SOLD

From time to time most of us have experienced some bodily conditions which we do not prefer. We want to be in harmony, as we were created. We are whole now.

Let’s pause and breathe in: Well being abounds, this power is always with us.

Easy illustrations: most of the time cuts, bruises and burns heal easily.  Usually we don’t do much for them, perhaps a bit of salve. We trust the Power of Well Being to Heal. Read on for healing tales.


Claudia sought Jin Shin Jyutsu[1] (JSJ) with two bodily conditions to address: a type of cancer and a blood condition.  She had been acculturated to focus in on what was not going well (like so many of us). Seeing physicians often she took their grim tones and dire predictions to heart. She focused on being a sick person.

In this hands-on art of JSJ students are trained to see the client in his or her perfection, already whole. Claudia chatted while she was receiving her individual treatment, soaking up the relaxation and the attitude of the practitioner.

She absorbed that message: she was mostly well. Her being was so much more than her diagnoses and her contribution vaster than her current job. She loved this revelation and practiced it.

After a few weeks of sessions Claudia reported on blood doctor check up:  the physician was surprised to see her improved condition—since that specialist had predicted rapid deterioration.

C kept coming for JSJ. After a year or so she went into remission from the cancer. She knew deep down her change of attitude “Mostly well; already whole” had made an enormous contribution to the course of her condition. Another couple of years later our heroine continues to focus on wellness!


The power of Well Being is so strong. Our bodies produce a “blip” but knowing we are already whole we can let it heal “on its own”. About two years ago Kandice had an experience that demonstrated this. Our star’s right hand appeared chronically red and somewhat swollen. This condition was beyond a need for hand cream. At first, she felt concerned about it and often compared it to the left hand, asking friends if they perceived any improvement. K felt worried.

Then this evolving person decided to relax into the Forces of Good. Once more Kandice reached for feeling better: She let it go and went about her life. Her routine included eating a healthy diet and taking supplements and herbs. She also did Jin Shin Jyutsu weekly. This protagonist trusted and went about a happy life. After several months one day she looked down and realized her hand looked normal. The symptoms were gone.

Letting it go is so very key, trusting that we are whole now. YES! Feeling held by the Force of Good and allowing the flow of life.  In our Mind’s eye knowing we are already whole.

Do you have stories of healing unwanted conditions you want to share? Please comment! Attitude is everything! Well  Being Abounds!


[1] See https://streamofyes.com/jin-shin-jyutsu/

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