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Focus with Financial Pay Off


Don’t you love it when focus produces financial reward? Did you realize that when we get calm, meditate on goodness with an intention, we can reap tangible success? YES!

What follows was shared by someone practicing this work—the editor has changed the name—this is a true story.

Mary Lou had experienced a serious illness. Through the course of treatment there were significant medical bills that became her    

Pink Hailing, 9 x 12, $95

Pink Hailing, 9 x 12, $95

personal responsibility to cover. Using spiritual tools of the power of intention and prayer, ML asked for assistance to pay off this medical debt.
One day a check showed up in her mail from the lab for most of $1000. Our star knew she owed them about $5000. Soon on the phone with the lab administrator, she inquired about this check and the outstanding bill.

“One moment please,” says the lab agent, “I will check.” Back on the line, “Our records show that your health insurance company has covered all the outstanding liability. Congratulations on the success of your suit to reverse the company’s  decision not to cover this.”

In astonishment Mary Lou replied, “But I did not take this to court! I had accepted their determination not to pay for those costs. I was paying it myself.”

The agent:  “In this lab whenever we see an insurance company clear a debt like this it has been a result of a court decision which compels them to shift their previous denial of coverage.”

ML: “I see. Oh my! Can this pay off be an error or subject to reversal?”

Agent: “No. This is final. Your bill is paid in full.”

Our heroine felt grateful and delighted all at once. Somehow the insurance company shifted. Her prayers were answered! Wow she used her consciousness to clear some some debt. Awesome!

What did Mary Lou do? She chose to practice being as satisfied as she could be with each moment day to day.  She asked the universe for help with her medical debt– not a specific dollar amount. Then ML let it go and continued looking for good and finding it. This dear woman listened to recordings that boosted her mood each day. After a few months the story of this post unfolded.  Isn’t it great to know we all can do this!

Have you had some prayers answered with impressive results? Please share your stories. They light up everyone’s life!




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