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Waking up To Worry, Then Shift


It is great to feel good. It is a given that we will have times of not feeling satisfied. When we have to think something different to return to alignment—that’s expansion and ALL THAT IS benefits. Perhaps Lucinda’s story in her words sheds light on how this can look:

“There is a venue where I love to hang art. The place has high ceilings. In the past I attracted an assistant who was agile and good on ladders. With some reaching out one generous soul volunteered to help. The café offers some ladders and crates upon which to stand.

Taylor Creek II, 24 x 30, $595

Taylor Creek II, 24 x 30, $595

The day before we were scheduled to install the work, I felt so worried and nervous. Would the ladders we had be sufficient high to allow us to reach the fish line hooks on the ridge, to align the height and spacing of the pieces without great stress?

I usually love hanging art shows.

Early on the previous artist had recommended a man who she pays to assist. I reached for trust in Well Being to supply a competent assistant who would barter for services rather than require a cash payment. That is what I really wanted.

With the anxiety and stress-out feeling growing bigger suddenly I said inside, ‘Wait a minute! I want to return to feeling balanced and good about this art show. How can I get some soothing?”

I called the recommended person who charged a fee. I asked. He responded, “Maybe. I will get back to you.”

Miraculously, I felt much calmer once I had connected with him even though his answer was not definitive. Internally I felt that it would all be ok.

For a year I have been friendly with a young tall man, Pete, who sells vegetables at the farmer’s market. After that call, I received inspiration, a plan.

I would head into town, listening to an Abraham Hicks recording.  Once there I would visit Pete’s booth and ask if he could offer his tall reach for this cause.

As I approached his stand, in his joy he chanted my name! What a welcome!  I opened, ‘If I ask you a favor and you don’t want to, you won’t hate me, will you? Guys just say yes or no, right?’

I explained what I needed and offered some healing sessions for him and his wife as return favor.

Wow for a nanosecond he thought about his schedule, then he easily said yes.

Day of the hanging—this young man offered fabulous assistance. With long reach, skill and a big smile he whipped those paintings up onto the wall.  The other helper and I arranged the pieces, judged wall positions and more. Great team.”

Point: Lucinda desired creating a good display in this venue. In her planning she became aware of her worry, she received inspiration to shift her focus to seeing it go WELL. The bubble up of tension ( anxiety, uncomfortable feelings)  stimulated growth and new awareness. She got clearly behind herself, envisioned things going well,  felt better, got filled with ideas of how to make it go well, took action and  attracted all of what she wanted.

Do you have a tale when you noticed yourself, shifted your mood, and got results that pleased you?

Please share! It is so soothing to support one another on our journey.


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