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Growth and Resilience


Dream Emerging, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $395

Dream Emerging, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $395

Have you wanted to feel more confident, find more courage in the face of a challenge? We say, “I am more confident now!”

For some folks invoking this affirmation may bring forward the opposite feelings, ones that block the achieving that goal. The habits of thought that provoke The False Evidence Appearing Real aka FEAR .

Those on the path of growth may want the affirmation to eradicate those scared reactions—

and we do release old frightened states bit by bit.  Usually the change of thinking takes some time.

In the narrative below we read about a true story of one woman reaching for confidence in a provocative circumstance. How does she handle this curve ball? Read on.


Dahlia lived consciously and wanted to offer more and more love in this world. At this stage she owned how much fear had flown through her on the path. Still she reached for more belief in herself. Grew she did bit by bit.

For months our heroine contemplated a medical procedure. Could she heal herself naturally or should she take advantage of some of what western medicine offers?

Months passed, she did inner work releasing past hurts and associated fears. Dahlia gained clarity. She did go to a doctor to explore the medical perspective. More fear triggered; more processed. D decided to receive a solution recommended by dermatology: a surgical intervention.

The Event

Dahlia was affirming how confident she was becoming. She had a full schedule that day. One of the items was for her to offer a healing session to a client.

Somehow as she flowed through the day, she completely forgot about the client. Then when returned home, just fifteen minutes past time for the appointment, she discovered her error. Panic surged through her system. Triggered off—fear and self-judgment coursing through her, D shook and tried to reach the person. No response.

Our heroine felt incompetent. A harsh inner voice cried, “You want confidence and all you get is fear! What a jerk!”

Now she wanted to reach for a soothing presence and calm herself down. At first, with the momentum of the discovery her mind reviewed how stupid she had been and how she had caused this problem. That mentalizing kept the panic active and fueled terrible feelings.

When Dahlia called a friend for help, that person offered suggestions of how to shift her state. Wow D discovered inside herself she was not open to those ideas just then.

Ok she started to use the suggested shift to more conscious breathing. Awake to her moment our star reached for patience and to let herself change states.

In the course of that evening, our star enjoyed a good dinner and a television show. Gradually she knew she wanted to feel her value, her strengths, and unconditional love. She spent some time noticing that friends were supporting her, feeling the balm of their  kind words and actions. D appreciated the client who got “stood up” spoke with great compassion and forgiveness.

The Freshness of the Next Day

In the morning Dahlia woke early refreshed and calm. In doing her morning contemplation she felt residual trepidation and accessed compassion for her plight. Of course, she felt some fear at the prospect of surgery. And our star was ready, feeling protected and loved from invisible realms.

The insight came: A spiritual traveler on this path of confidence-building may experience fear: it can be a feature of this road.  The layer of self-condemnation for feeling it, so hurtful, can be released as unsound thinking.

Emotionally recovered from her upset, she perceived all is well. Confidence ran in her veins! Good to know, the surgeon dubbed her procedure “Things could not have gone any better.” All has been well all along and still is 😊.

Do you want to share a story of recovery from out-dated thinking? Please comment! Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who share this process!




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