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Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $995

Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $995

Isn’t it remarkable what pay offs flow to us as we bathe in thoughts of well being! Yes, we flourish when we notice our thoughts and practice looking for what we prefer. Please read about the experience of Mackenzie.

Mackenzie walked in the local park, as the late afternoon sun slanted across the reeds and marsh. Very contently, she stepped as in a

moving meditation, relishing the soles of her feet and solidness of ground. Then to M’s surprise and delight a friend, Ariel, appeared on the trail.  Despite having participated in a monthly group together for more than 10 years, M has run into her maybe three times outside the meeting and never in nature like this. Hmmm, interesting…

Ariel exclaimed, “What fun to see you here! Come see what I came upon!” Leading the way down the path a bit, A pointed out a blue heron with an unusual wing configuration, almost like hands on hips in this upright bird. Together they studied this iconic form on the opposite shore, and they took pictures.

As they walked back to the cars, the women chatted and decided to exchange healing work over the next little while. Recently Mac had pondered a question arising from a session she gave and had asked Spirit to send her an answer. As A reported on using a new book she is reading, M got this hit: Wow I think that book would respond to this query I have—and wow I just received an answer to a prayer!

They agreed upon when they would next meet and part with fond farewells.

In two days Ariel texted Mac her favorite heron picture from that afternoon and added, “See you later this afternoon.”  M returned her message, “No, we have no plans for this afternoon, wrong week.” Then on impulse our heroine put a call through which reached A.

As they connect, M learns that A was confused about the dates and feels poorly today. “Well then, let’s start the trade today,” says Mackenzie. And so they do.

In a few minutes M realized that the texts did not go through. But her gut feeling to phone directly made the link that allowed A to receive help that day.

Ariel did get the benefit of a Jin Shin Jyutsu session and rose from the table feeling remarkably better in both body and spirit. How wonderful!

That whole sequence of events totally unplanned: the first meeting, seeing a strangely positioned heron, texting and mentioning the “wrong plan”, the impulse to return the call not just text and the availability of both women! Such a beneficial unfolding, one serendipity after another. Mac took a walk and followed the flow… ordinary, yet magical!

Focus on what you do want more and more–  experiment and see what shows up for you.

If you have some tales of extra-ordinary occurrences to report, please offer your comments! It uplifts everyone!

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