Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Shifting the Atmosphere


We can feel so helpless in this world. So many things flowing by, so much activity. Yes, some people we have heard about are praying for protection, healing or grace. Can that actually change anything?

We know that we can get results. Let’s read this illustration.


Flowers II, 24 x 30, acrylic on canvas, $595

Loretta and her husband own rental property. Over the last half year they have had difficulty with the tenants both paying the rent and with damage to the property. As this story begins, L has hired an attorney and taken legal action to evict these renters. Repeatedly the actions had not yet resulted in getting those people out of there!

Our star was beyond frustrated. And this was one of the complaints she shared upon coming to a wise practitioner, Erma, for some relaxing bodywork.

“We are running out of options. We have been trying to protect our property and our financial status while acting within the law,” she declared.


Erma focused on how to be a soothing force for Loretta. Certainly E’s primary focus was collecting the information she needed to focus her session for maximum benefit to L’s well being.

Before she began the hands on portion of the session, E asked Loretta. “If you would like, I can make a suggestion for you regarding your problem with the tenants. You may find it pretty far out. It won’t cost anything 😊.”

L responded, “Sure. Tell me what it is.”

Erma said, “In quiet time, I recommend that you appreciate these tenants, running lists of these good qualities in your mind. You might even write them down. Do this as often as you can, perhaps daily would flow for you.”

Then Erma went on to spend the healing hour with Loretta.

Interval and Return

About six weeks transpired before Loretta came for another session.

Loretta shared how things had been going for her and where she wanted the focus to be for this time.

Before she climbed onto the table, Loretta piped up, “Oh by the way, remember the issue with the tenants? I followed your recommendation, appreciating them, and it worked! They moved out: no drama, they just went. I am so grateful for your wisdom.”

Erma smiled.

We can create an atmosphere of Good and that promotes Good. Fun to notice, eh!

Do you have stories from your own life where you appreciated and good things flowed? Please tell us in the Comments section!

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