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Living in the Stream of Yes

Focus for Strength


We all benefit when we read an example of overcoming fear. Isn’t it inspiring when we learn how someone shifted her focus toward what she could do bit by bit? Direct herself toward building strength?

In moments when we feel a trepidation, strong and pulsing, oh my yes, we may want to run or hide. 

With practice and commitment, we can put our focus on WHAT WE DO WANT. And move in that direction.

Going Home, Diptych in 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, 2010, 800x530
Going Home, Diptych in 30 x 40, $995

Janine’s Example

Janine received notice that her current situation for storing her possessions could not continue: she would need to find other accommodations for her stuff.  Oh dear! This woman felt a flood of panic and dread. Wow she felt so threatened! Yikes!

To deal with this request represented a lot of work. How would she ever accomplish that?  The new plan for storage represented a mini-move that would take some weeks.

Her Approach

J reached for soothing herself.  She knew it would involve allowing the strong feelings, fear, insecurity, and more, to pass through her while calling on wisdom and powerful techniques.

A voice inside her spoke, “The beliefs behind this fear are outdated. Last time I got this scared there was not really any danger,” recalled Janine with a smile.

Our protagonist could not shift her strong flow of emotions on a dime. No human can.  Let’s all recognize that and make it ok to proceed one breath at a time.

With kindness towards self, when our heroine felt strong negative emotion rising up, she employed these tools from her self care toolkit:

  • Enjoy walking in nature
  • Read a novel
  • Visualize some helpful, protective and loving inner figures.
  • Ask Inner Guide for next steps
  • Seek and receive support from friends
  • Rest and rejuvenate
  • Appreciate each step as it went well
  • Focus on what she DID WANT.

As she could, Janine worked her agenda. Each day this dear woman became clearer and more energetic, action by action applying herself to what needed doing.

Before too long friends with trucks volunteered to assist her. She got assistance in many forms. She accepted whatever time it took.


Many folks received some new treasures, charity shops benefited. Space left behind felt more open. 

Janine stood tall, basking in her aliveness, more able to take life as it comes. She enjoyed seeing that now she had greater strength in addressing fears as they arise. How satisfying!

Do you have a story when you stood by your commitments, moving through your fears to your brighter future?  What worked for you to make that passage? Please comment. Let’s share our wisdom!

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