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Affirm What is Wanted in our Body


Do we take advantage of how we can promote the healing of a condition even in how we describe it to ourselves? We are so powerful: it’s impressive! 😊

We attract what we want by not only envisioning a preferred outcome but also by viscerally feeling as good as though we already manifested our dream. When we experience a body blip of some kind, some hurt, illness or condition, we marshal more energetic influence when we bathe ourselves in an inner picture of Well Being.

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       Be clear in the knowledge that bodily conditions move through. Keep focus on the Force of Well Being pouring around and through you right now.

       Maintain Your Eye on The Prize of this Healing.

One Success Story

Jeanie was diagnosed with a condition called leaky gut syndrome. In this circumstance, the body allows food particles to get out of the gut and into the next layer of the body. As a result, the body acts as though it is allergic to all those foods that escape.  

J chose a holistic physician and followed the recommended protocol: five different supplements at each meal and a specific food plan based on the food allergy testing.

How did Jeanie talk to herself and others about her condition. At first she tested allergic to many foods. Since she believed in her treatment and ability to heal, she chose her statements about her condition carefully. Instead of declaring, “I am allergic to ___________.” This was not an eternal condition—she would be able to eat it again before too long.

Instead, our heroine stated, “When I was tested last August, I had a reaction to that food but now I am healing my gut and expect to be able to eat it before too long.”

Jeanie complied with her program for one year. At the 12 month mark, this dear woman was tested for allergic reactions: results showed that all but one of the long list of foods was ok to enjoy again! Jeanie had healed her gut!

If we have something in our bodies we want to shift, let’s not talk about it like it will always be true! Instead, use our awesome personal power to bring on the condition we want to experience.

Another Illustration

Margie had a leg condition which made it hurt when she took a step. Facing this, M wanted to find some aspect to put her focus as she went through her day,  a way of paying attention that was not complaining or reviewing unwanted.

Margie got out of her car and said, “I am able bodied! I walk around on my own steam.”

She engaged in a healing strategy combining a body work and Chinese herbs. Together she returned to walking with ease before too long.

As we follow this path, we can expect to have moments when our habits of thought pop up. Oops we find ourselves thinking/saying, “What a pain this is!” or “I want to feel better right now!”

We are kind to ourselves and make it ok to have reactions, pain and grumps. Then we can inspire ourselves again by reaching for statements that serve us even better.

Do you have success stories demonstrating how you have healed yourself? Do you have questions about how to empower yourself as you allow healing to unfold? Please comment! What you say matters to you, to me and to all of us!  

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