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Inspiring Formulations


Isn’t it more and more fun to live into inspiring formulations? We can soak up the beautiful language in which Ernest Holmes, spiritual teacher and author, expresses some of what we are coming to know.

We are spiritual beings.

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“Since the only life you can have is the Life of the Spirit Within You, you need but permit Its radiance to flow through your thought into Self Expression. You are immersed in and saturate with the vital essence of Life. Its presence permeates everything binding all together in one complete whole.” [1]

We are more powerful as we reach for a better feeling thought throughout our day.

“That which God is, God has given fully unto me to enjoy….. That life is God’s gift to me. Therefore, this fullness is within me, ready to manifest through me as I partake of it, since I am self-choosing, even though Divinely endowed. I partake of my Divinity only as I let it through. I am always in the midst of plenty everywhere.”[2]

We understand a purpose to life.

“The sun never really stopped shining in the River of Life. The experience of all people is an attempt to merge their own being with this eternal river, not to the loss of their identity, but to the discovery of that self that has never wholly left its heaven.”[3]

Our choice of thoughts is key

“As Source Energy creates worlds and peoples them with all living things, so does our thought make our world and peoples it with all the experiences we have had. By the activity of our thoughts things come into our life, and we expand as we take in the truth: we are not controlled by outside things. We have within us the power to alter everything and free ourselves from all manner of bondage. “

What amazing pay offs result from our practice!

“Just as the warm rays of the sun will melt the largest iceberg, so a persistent inner perception of the abiding Over-Presence will heal our fears whether the be conscious or subjective; will straighten out our repressions be they every so deeply buried in the unconscious…. To live in conscious communion with Life even for a short time will convert our fears into faith, our doubts into certainty, our hurt and sense of failure into something triumphant.”[4]

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