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Success from Listing Positive Aspects


Do you practice listing positive aspects of what happens in your life? Why not play with listing what you enjoy about a “situation”? Read about the amazing results that flowed for Noemi:

Example I

Noemi had been practicing appreciating what she noticed in her life for more than 8 years. In those years she had had “troubles” that were turned around by the shifts in her thinking. N experienced unfolding miracles; some came in hours, some “solutions” after years of bit by bit, noticing the advantages moment by moment.  In this account we review how the listing of positive aspects paid off for her.

Professionally, Noemi was a gardener. On the side, she grew flowers in a home patch to sell and enjoy.

Dame Rocket Spring, 9 x 12, Acrylic, $120

Dame Rocket Spring, 9 x 12, Acrylic, $120

Late winter this year she sustained an injury and needed to attend to her healing process.

Watching the calendar, the date for the usual time to till her residential plot came and went. Resigned, she accepted in this cycle she was not strong enough to handle that task

Another couple of months went by and her healing was progressing well. N had to proceed slowly but maybe she still could create a vegetable patch. Widely she grinned as she bought 6 tomato plants. 😊

Next door the new male neighbor shared her interest in growing things. After a chat about her situation, he volunteered to roto-till a modest piece of her bed.  Great help!

Our heroine decided to plant the tomatoes now. What fun! Then N wondered, “What about mulch for them? How could she accomplish that herself? “

If she used her car, the bale would need some maneuvering to extricate from the truck. Because of the body mechanics required, this task could risked straining her injured person. Hmmm…

That night our star sat with a notebook and made lists of positive aspects of her situation. What was going well? She wrote and felt better.

A day or two passed. She realized her car needed auto repair. Sure enough, the mechanic discovered a few issues that called for immediate attention.

Next day when this dear woman arrived at the shop to take her vehicle home,  the repair was not complete. The owner informed her there was a part still needed. N had a choice—take the car home and bring it back Monday. Or, the business would loan her a truck for the weekend.

Our heroine jumped at the chance for the truck.  Then she needed to take stock of her flow of events, stopped to get a cup of coffee and breathe.

Then it hit her. Noemi could go straight to the store for bales of straw. She had been gifted use of a truck!

Wow she is getting the garden she wished for — while taking good care of her recovery. Our protagonist had been sent help to garden this season!

Example II

Amandine regularly records positive aspects of her day. In May she put focus on looking at the pretty gardens being created in her neighborhood. One plot that she passes every day features lots of red hot pokers. She has admired theses colorful stems for years and never has grown them.  Our lady basked in their beauty and went on with her day.

One morning backing out of her driveway,  A received a stunning surprise. Turning her head to the left she could hardly believe her eyes. There was a red hot poker blooming in her yard. Huh?  Amandine had not been planted it nor had she seen it last year.

There it was—apparently planted by a previous tenant. Wow! This dear woman got what she wanted– and it was right under her nose!

Do you have some fun results to report after practicing appreciating? Other related stories to share? Please do! We easily inspire each other!





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