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Different Strokes for Different Folks


From perusing a variety of authors on personal growth, we can get the impression there is a certain way to find the feeling connection to a Power Greater Than Ourselves. I think each person discovers her or his own way to a peaceful inner state. Below a tale within a tale illustrates the point:

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A group of folks assembled to uplift themselves: take some quiet moments, watch a lecture from a spiritual leader on reaching for a quiet inside, discuss an article on the same topic.

People shared on meditation techniques. One woman piped up that she preferred walking meditation while listening to a guide on her phone. Another man reported that he required 45 minutes of meditation before his mind slowed down: he did not prefer sitting to accomplish that.

What about that calming mental place experienced by running? Some run as much for the quieted mind effect as the physical exercise.

After a good bit of exchange Georgina spoke up to tell this story:

Years ago Ms. G visited her brother and his wife in a west coast city. Those relations both held influential, high paying positions at the time. During her stay she was struck by how her sister-in-law ironed her brother’s shirts.

Seeing that infuriated her. “That is oppression of women!” G cried in her head (keeping quiet on the outside.) Our heroine felt proud to be a feminist. Observing the spouse performing this household chore bugged her for a long while.

More recently, Georgina came to stay with another couple. There before her she spied the hostess ironing the shirts of her partner. Now more centered, our Dear One found a way to inquire in a casual tone, “Oh I see you iron the shirts. What about a shirt service?”

The homeowner replied, “Oh I don’t want a shirt service! Ironing is a meditation for me. I feel calm and centered when I do it. It’s a pleasure, a treat!”

Our heroine realized her assessment of ironing had been based on her judgment and assumptions, her views of how women’s liberation looked. It never occurred to her that this chore can be used to find inner peace. Ms. G opened her mind.

She loves telling that story and laughing at herself.

What a great tale to underscore the point: Indeed, there are many paths to communing with the Creator, different strokes for different folks.

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