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Living in the Stream of Yes

Life is an Experiment: Start Fresh    


We assess our creations, actions and more. “How did we do?” we eagerly ask. We want a “good” grade on this project. We want it to mean we are good all round. A good grade reflects so well on us :).

Wait a minute? Let’s look at this from another perspective.

The Illustration

Golden One, Diptych 30 x 40, $990

Lorrie choreographs dances with her small troupe of movers. Recently as an event contributing to a larger community event, our star created a performance featuring special effects and lighting with volunteers from her circle of friends. Usually, she directs pieces featuring members of her trained experienced troupe.

A few days afterwards walked with a friend who had attended and began a discussion about it. Lorrie wanted to assess it: thoughts about what could she have done differently, what others saw, what she had not anticipated…

Suggested Shift in Thinking

Before too long her companion suggested a shift in L’s way of viewing this.

“You took on a creation with lots of parts : the lighting and the projection screen, the structure of the piece. Carefully, you envisioned the type of dancer, the number of them desired, and then recruited the people and attracted a desired number of actors in this play.

Do you think the performance was not good enough? Instead, how about if you see this event as one in a series of experiments. What happened a few nights ago went well and was interesting. Now what is the next vision you want to create. Looking forward to what changes will be satisfying, perhaps more dynamic, for next opportunity. What if you are already a success and now will dive into the new possibilities for music, movement, rhythm and more?”

Increase the Success

Lorrie spoke, “I never thought of it that way. Yes there are some variations that will be exciting to try.

I have a list forming in my head already. Let me meet with the man who knows the lights. Let me refine the desired shapes of the bodies and the feelings we want to evoke in the audience.

This will be so much fun.”

What a shift! Instead of reviewing what might have happened that we did not like (or what might have gone “wrong,”) let’s look for what we WANT.

Let’s offer ourselves a fresh start for the next metaphoric sculpture.  We are experimenting with life and why don’t we relish each squeeze of the clay.

We all experiment with life on our life journey. For our dear selves, we can provide a fresh start. What’s the next activity, composition, building, sales campaign?

Do you have questions or comments.  Please offer comments below. We flow with our experiments.

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