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Benefits of Body Blip


Remarkable! In instances of a body disharmony, we can experience so many blessings as we choose to shift our attention to our body in wholeness.

Blessing Number One: Taking the Bounce

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When facing the unwanted, we receive greater inspiration toward what we DO want to create. Do you realize how many innovative healing methods are created because someone really needed them? These contrasting experiences provide fuel for our inner fire—to move, to create what IS WANTED.

Like reveling in sunshine after a rainy day, we get to experience a shift to the better in a way that we would never feel if all always went without a hitch.

Blessing Number Two: Practice Focusing on Well Being

When in distress, we may find ourselves reviewing what unwanted situation is presenting; a habit of thought so many of us run. 

This past week Mary Lou noticed her gait in walking was slower and somewhat awkward. She started scanning for what she did “wrong” to “cause” this. Her mind reviewed the leg blip and she also noticed she felt down.

But “Wait a Minute,” ML cried. “I want to reach for doing something for myself that is more constructive.” Instead of bemoaning her fate or worrying, Mary Lou wanted to marshal the fuel of the inspiration.

Our star treated herself to a Feldenkrais session. She basked, “Boy did that feel great– a freedom in body, more energy and a major shift in mood for the better. I love turning points!”

Blessing Number Three: Learning the Value of Ease and Rest

Mary Lou said to herself, “I make it ok. On my life path I will have some discomforts. I felt slowed down, slept more, enjoyed my food, rested, read engaging novels. Let me call up Imagined Figures of Protection and Support.”

 ML continued through her day, “What can I notice? I loved the way I felt after yoga class, the revitalization coming through a mist of discomfort. I saw outside the frost on the freshly mowed grass. Wow I can hear so many active birds singing their heads off: glad I slowed down enough to take that in. I envision walking with ease.”

Healing and Renewed Focus

Before too long Mary Lou feels her leg and walk improved. Hee Haw! After a period of tension, fear and drag with a body disharmony, our heroine loves feeling extra good on the other side of contrast.

This dear woman continues to keep her focus on what she can do for her leg and what new sensations she can relish. Sometimes she moves slowly and gets the advantage of seeing that bird perched on the very top of that fir tree.

When her mood dips, she shifts. Maybe she might revitalize with some breathing or yoga postures. Her life is enriched!

What stories of recovery do you want to share? How did you help yourself? Please comment. We benefit from others insights.

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