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Angel Kisses Abound Part 2


“What We Sow, So Shall We Reap.”  Some of us are reaching for embodying Goodness—for its own sake because such paying attention not only enriches our lives but fills us with feeling that uplifts our spirit and inspires us.

Below another account of payoff from the focus on Good.

The Start

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Carrie and a friend experienced a phone call where C had uncomfortable, tight and strong feelings arise. Carrie ended the phone call a bit earlier than expected, being as polite as she could. Gladys, the friend, had been reviewing her reasons for being afraid for her future.

C had made several attempts to shift or uplift the subject which G had pushed away. Carrie tuned into herself and knew she wanted to place awareness again on happiness. In this moment C was complete with listening to G. Politely and with a review of what she had appreciated in the call, she hung up.

In the first few weeks after the call, our heroine went on with what she loved in her life and relished it. After about a month, Carrie sent an email to Gladys asking for her news and got no response. Hmmm.

Our star pondered, “I don’t prefer to lose Gladys as a friend. I do stand by my actions on the call and the assessment I made to take care of myself. How can I reach for a friendly connection with ease?” At first, she did not know.

The Matter is Handled

After a couple of months, Carrie noticed G thanking her Facebook community for all the birthday greetings. Though a few days behind, Carrie crafted a greeting sending good wishes and felt good with that.

The next day C discussed the matter with a confidante who also reaches for good thoughts. That night this dear woman sent a prayer for assistance with the Gladys situation.

The next morning Carrie noticed that Gladys wrote a quick message on Facebook, acknowledging the birthday note and recommending that they get in touch and share their updates.

“OMG,” thought Carrie, “My supplication was answered overnight. The note on Facebook had been there for a couple of days before I found it. Wow help delivered. Matter already handled!!! I am getting what I wanted.”

Carrie knows from her lived experience that as she keeps her eye on Good and what she can appreciate, more good flows to her. She reaches to maintain a positive focus. “Wow, Abundant Good Abounds,” thinks Carrie, “As I become aware of Good, I find more of it! We all can do this!”

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