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Warming Our Hearts with Success: Two Jin Shin Jyutsu Stories

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Rockport 1, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $395

As someone experiences Jin Shin Jyutsu, a process of body mind spirit unfolds, infused with twists and surprises. These two stories from my practice demonstrate some of what I mean. I feel so appreciative to witness these events with balance, wonder and delight.

Shoulder Project

Ruth came to see me for a so-called frozen shoulder. In the recent past she had received a series of physical therapy treatments referred by a physician. Ruth found those quite painful– she felt pushed, shoved, pulled — it was an unpleasant experience. Though she got increased range of motion for a bit, after awhile the changes faded and again she found her shoulder stiff and problematic.

In the beginning having decided to experience Jin Shin Jyutsu Ruth realized that benefit was not likely to come to her instantaneously. Each time she found the sessions very relaxing. Sometimes she would feel sensation in her shoulder– not huge change but notable. After about two months of weekly appointments, Ruth arrived one day late for the appointed time, somewhat agitated and informed me that this would be the last session. I asked about her decision: she told me it was expensive and she had not seen that much result.

First I accepted where she was. I offered a discount for her sessions.  I honored that continuing was her decision.  That day for her treatment I used Jin Shin Jyutsu to address her feeling of upset and struggle,  When the session ended, she reported she had experienced something really powerful. Somehow within herself she got advice to continue JSJ.

After that she came in a lighter mood and enjoyed the sessions. She was not as analytical about result.  We had lively conversations. In about another month she got very busy with some new responsibilities and discontinued. She wrote me a note telling me that her shoulder is much easier and no longer bothers her. She can move it and it does not feel like a burden. As she parted, she expected to return for tune-up before too long.

Blood Project

More than ten years ago I wrote an article about Jin Shin Jyutsu for the local monthly paper that features various activities around town related to higher consciousness. Excited by what she read, Amy phoned me for an appointment  for her husband Tim who was experiencing a serious and life threatening blood condition. Regularly he traveled to the nearest facility where he could receive blood transfusions. When they arrived for the session it became clear that the husband did not really want the treatment, did not believe it could help.  He asked me if he had to believe in this work in order to benefit from Jin Shin Jyutsu; I responded no he did not. I asked if he would be willing to notice if he felt a change? He assented. I offered them a special price for three treatments and they agreed.

During the second session,  Tim shared a powerful dream he had had in the previous week. In the dream he and his wife were together and he spoke the words, “I am alive”.  It affected him deeply: he felt strong, powerful and happy as he conjured his nighttime experience. I advised him to review that dream as much as he wanted to– that good feeling was so helpful for him.

They came for the three sessions. Amy had been offering Tim hands on during the week between sessions. At the end they parted, Tim thought he had gained no value and I never saw him again.

Over a year later,  I connected with Amy again. She wanted to tell me something: when Tim went for his blood test after the three sessions, his blood showed a spike to good levels, better than Tim had had for a long time. The physicians had no explanation for the change.

Later I learned that Tim had passed away. Amy loved knowing how her impulse toward   Jin Shin Jyutsu had brought benefit and that such remarkable changes are possible.


Please note in both these accounts the Jin Shin Jyutsu client did not experience remarkable shifts on the day of the session. In the case of Ruth over time she significantly shifted in her attitude and got relief in her body.

I fine Tim’s case wondrous. To me it seemed that the sessions facilitated powerful positive experiences for Tim, thereby offering him benefit.  Wasn’t it fun to learn of his mysterious improvement in his blood tests?

Do you have questions or comments? Do you have recovery stories of yourself or others that you want to share? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. We warm each other’s hearts reviewing these healings.




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