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Living in the Stream of Yes

Atmosphere of Grace


Have you felt satisfied as you go through your life? Have you been appreciating what flows from your creating? I bet you have! Now answer me this: have you also been noticing the unexpected rewards that come along?

Extra fun in relishing those—little and bigger ones. Here are some illustrations:

Example 1:

Donna needed a phone number for a friend with whom she had not

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communicated for over a year. Yes, she found the email address but this favor she had to ask would be better asked by voice. Apparently, the number was not filed in her electronic contacts.

Usually she takes someone’s contact info on the little pad in purse. In detective mode, D went looking for the last few little pads to see if she could find this treasure. To her surprise she had only one older pad easily on hand. Where were the used ones stashed?

Our heroine thought she had bundled and stored them in the last year. Where could they be? No image popped into her mind’s eye. Oh dear, she had no idea.

She soothed herself, “Ok, I want to make it ok. I will do without finding that that item for now.”

Donna write a note to this friend. Sure enough, he responded promptly and then she had the phone call (and got the missing phone number 😊.

Now for the extra reward: The very next day D paid a bill that was tax deductible. This organized woman likes to keep a receipt in her tax folder for next year’s calculations.  Our lady grabbed that slotted file . Voila! In the back of that box were the stored pads.

Zowee! Answer to her request delivered in her relaxation and flow of good.

Example 2

Seven months ago, Greta had a car accident under unusual circumstances. Not hurt but shaken, this radiant one wanted to be more alert in driving.  She wanted to affirm that she easily focused well and drove safely.

G went about her trips to lessons, appointments and shopping with care. Many months passed. Recently she had a lovely play date with a female friend. They parted, then our star loaded her car with goodies and got in her car to drive away. It was in a parking lot that felt empty.

She pulled back out of her parking spot and heard a sharp honk. Looking out the driver’s side window, she saw another car about three inches from her car. OMG! Her heart beat very fast.

Greta had pulled out not looking carefully, instead coasting on her thought the lot was empty. She had lost her attention.

As she drove off, she told herself, “I am rescued somehow. I was protected. Thank you!”

Her heart beat returned to normal. She breathed into knowing she was ok. G felt self- blame rise up… but she shifted and focused on being grateful.

Do you have some comments or questions to share? Do you have amazing stories of protection that demonstrate your atmosphere of grace? Please write! We ride with Force of Good together!




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