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Living in the Stream of Yes

Unconditional Love


Of course, we do not prefer to receive harsh criticism from a friend. This author advises keeping a focus on what feels better than that and to let it go. We turn our attention to how good it feels to love and on the great quantity of love still is available to us all around.

Simply because this other person is momentarily pinched off from the Forces of Good is not determinative of whether we give and receive love. We do love and we are loveable.

As we maintain our loving atmosphere, we fuel some very cool pay offs.


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Edith and Lammie had been friends for many years. They set up an in person visit about once a week—they talked, they walked, they went shopping. How lovely it was that each enjoyed the other’s company.

They did not agree in a number of areas. One was more into spiritual and growing as a person. One was drawn to being active in politics and watched current events avidly.  Still, they had great times sticking to topics they both enjoyed.


Lammie was very interested in the presidential election.

Edith did not want to discuss the election much and E knew she was not rooting for the same candidate as Lammie. In her mind E wanted to maintain a focus on the areas where L and E agreed.

The Incident

After the election, on a phone call Lammie learned that Edith was supporting another candidate. Somehow L had not guessed that.

The next day Lammie called very agitated, upset because she had not realized who Edith supported and had shared her local political activity. Edith had not commented on that.

(In her mind Edith kept her reports primarily to topics where the two felt unified and agreed.)

L blurted out that Edith’s support of the other candidate meant that Edith embodied many negative qualities of that political figure. therefore, L could not trust her. Lammie concluded, “I no longer can be friends with you.”

Next Step

Lammie did agree to continue to attend a class where E taught. E continued to be as friendly and accepting to L as she could, enjoying her along with the other students. Time passed. During the time when the populace was focused at home E held the class online. As the world eased to more robust health, the class was held live in the studio again.


Edith had forgiven Lammie years ago. She respected the distance L wanted, and they shared some friendly exchanges around the edges of the class.

One day it happened that Lammie was the only student in attendance and the two had time to chat with gusto.

Lam had brought some clothing to give away, a kind gesture. She was cultivating a friendly feeling between them. After Edith took the proffered items, placed them in her car, she turned to thank L again.

With a very serious expression on her face Lammie started to talk. She said, “Edith, I want to apologize. I know I hurt your feelings. I am so sorry and I have no excuses. Can you forgive me?“ responded, “Yes, I can and am glad to have you as a friend. I think we can make it ok that we have different views on some topics. I know we share the heart space.” They hugged and parted amicably.

Edith had maintained a focus on feeling as good as she can. Lammie did shift her position. This author thinks the atmosphere of love influenced Lammie to join. What do you think? We think it makes a good story either way. Please comment. 😊

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