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Enjoying The Day


Yes, we have the power to turn around a stint of low mood. When we feel depressed that power seems inaccessible out of reach. At those times we can remember:

  1. We want to stay connected to Source Connection as best we can at that moment, reaching for the best feeling thought we can find.
  2. If we have been reviewing something in our lives that we do not like or want, we shift that pattern.
  3. Instead, we put our focus on what we want and on what is already flowing to us. We play there.

Turn Around Day for Naomi

Plank Road Creek, 16 x 20, $395

Naomi had been following the guidance to feel good. Somehow she forgot to take charge of her mood and feelings for a bit and was suffering.

As she awakened, she listened to a recording that reminded her that she could take charge. “Oh yes, for heaven’s sake, I am looking at what I don’t want and thinking that predicts my future. I am turning this around now.”

Fresh Start

She got the idea to buy a small bunch of flowers for a friend’s birthday. Early in the morning, off she went to the supermarket where usually the staff was willing to put the bouquet in nice paper and tie some festive ribbons around them.

When first arriving at the store, it took a bit to get some service. And then a staffer from produce appeared and she put sweet effort into creating a really pretty flower package at her request. No got to pick out the color of ribbon and one strand even got curled.

Then she drove to the farmer’s market. Since she had been delayed would she find parking? Crowded yes but she found a spot!

Our star walked into the market and to her surprise, she heard her name called. A woman N had recently met was offering a warm hello. How sweet! Naomi smiled and in a moment she admitted how frazzled she had felt entering this busy scene. The kind new friend paused to give an extra loving gaze. That generous gesture did help her feel better.

Shopping N waiting in line for green beans saw what appeared to be the last box sold. But wait! As N stepped up next in line the vendors found a box for her!

The granola lady was glad to see her. And that morning there was a discount special running on N’s favorite non gluten cereal! And she was handed a taste of a cracker too.

More to Enjoy

The day progressed and our heroine received an email where this male friend offered to see her soon. Aww!

At the library this protagonist found a new stash of books to read and also got some information she had been seeking about use of the new library catalog. Staff was so helpful!

When Naomi was awake to these simple and dear connections, her life seemed richer. She decided to be happier and the Universe sent her a string of pearls filling her day. Simple things, yes. And then she kept looking for the good and she found it. Naomi was creating a happy life now. 😊

Do you have experiences to share where you took control and created more fun for yourself? Please share!

About the Author

Janet Pearlman is a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer and artist. In these posts composed of true stories, she inspires others to know themselves and compassionately to develop skills of empowerment. In her forty-five year journey of self-discovery, she has deeply studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ernest Holmes and more. Janet offers individual sessions by phone and in person. Please contact her at jpearl555@earthink.net to arrange an appointment.

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