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Living in the Stream of Yes

Trusting Ease


So many of us have been told that trying hard is recommended. Working hard is rewarded. What if we relax into doing what we really enjoy?

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What if we smile and do what is easiest and beloved by us? Trust that what we want will work out “on its own.” This formulation is so counterintuitive to many of us.

A Reminder Comes to Marigold

Marigold runs an online meeting every couple of weeks.

Recently she noticed a phenomenon on her schedule. She had a long scheduled eye doctor appointment on the same afternoon as her internet gathering. Hmm.

Our star saw the two appointments, one before the other and kept going. She thought, “ No problem.”

The time approached and she did stop to think about it a bit more. This dear one thought, “Hmm there was some travel time involved. It could get close. I will ask another group member to start the meeting without me.” So she did that.

On this matter Marigold felt supported and upbeat.

Then the day of the meeting arrived. M had second thoughts prompting her to call the eye doctor practice.

The administrator heard her ask, “I know this is wild and crazy. I have a 2:15 appointment—is it possible to come earlier today?”

Response: “Well as a matter of fact a person just cancelled at 1:45 pm today. Would you like that slot?”

Marigold, “Oh wow yes please. That would be perfect!”

And so the two meetings flowed in excellent timing.


Formerly Marigold would have been more concerned about the conflict, done more fretting, called way ahead to see if she could “fix this.” Instead she trusted well being.

Do you have stories of ease to share? Please send them in the comments section. Thanks!

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