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Living in the Stream of Yes

Self-Love and Compassion


Such a worthwhile practice: instead of buying into those habits of thought that continually criticize ourselves, we could focus more on appreciating our strengths. Wow what a thought!

Read here about a woman’s process and some powerful pay offs she brought to herself. Among them we can feel much lighter, a loftier mood, feeling in tune and flowing at a higher frequency.

One Person’s Story

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Hazel wanted to feel better about herself. Over many years of growth work she followed self-empowering teachings, danced, listened to unusual music, used color in visual arts, kept going.

When H learned the technique of appreciating, this woman really dove in, relishing the practice.  To her it was easy to notice beauty and bounty: she readily expressed her gratitude. She made lists morning and night and voiced appreciation when interacting with her friends and associates.

Before too long our star started appreciating herself more and more. She loved recognizing the specifics of what she observed, the spike of good vibe, the things that began to flow to her.

Some Landmarks

What a gas when Hazel became more aware of how much and how often others expressed her value!

This heroine noticed feeling a higher mood more often and more readily. She felt freer.

More of the time H became aware of her interior world with thoughts like, “Hey wait a minute! I am thinking, ‘I am not enough: Not up to this task, don’t have what it takes, etc.’ Wait! I know that is not true!”

Wow life became so much easier! H loved less drama, more energy, more inspiration going forward.

Pay Offs

With this appreciation practice, our star realized:

  1. She functioned with quite an improved level of self esteem.
  2. She could offer a higher quality of attention to others.

Hazel could listen attentively, with no agenda. Most importantly H did not have judging on her mind. Instead, she could see her companion as innocent, precious, and doing his or her best.

So many people want to be heard and understood. They crave being accepted as they are.

Hazel heard those who confided in her say, “When you and I speak, I express myself as I rarely do with others. Gosh, I feel these conversations are so special, so valuable.” In loving herself, H now had the vibration to offer a space where others feel a deeper love for themselves.

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