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Living in the Stream of Yes

Relaxed Intention


Isn’t it great to experience a good mood often? We feel content, hopeful, frisky, or happy. (Sometimes more than one at once!) We flow through life, steering toward upbeat feeling, and we wake up to what we want.

What is the most important part of going for what we want? Yes, clarity is extremely helpful. And we learn to be happy whether or not we have that “want” right this red, hot minute. We don’t know how this desire will show up for us—and we let that go. What is our focus? Enjoying this moment, feeling the ease of living.

Jamilla’s Tale

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Jamilla remains aware of her mood and intends to uplift herself when needed. She watched an online video on Intention one day last week. In that recording the speaker, Madam Y, was ecstatically declaring the importance of consciously formulating intentions. Wow this woman on stage was almost jumping up and down.

J’s personal response: she smiled to herself and thought Madam Y was advocating the use of way too much energy. (It made Jamilla want to take a nap 😊—just kidding.)  When we know what we don’t want, we realize what we do want—in the flow.

As stated above this dear woman agreed with the speaker on a critical component—release knowing when and how. Let it go and keep going.

Our heroine had been playing on internet dating, and it impressed her how many men were saying hello to start relating. Meanwhile, this particular group resided  at a significant distance for her location, spoke about “finding the one” and “loving forever”, and often did not respond to questions. J sighed. 

The experience felt surreal and unsatisfying. Did any of these men have the inner preparation and depth of kindness to accepting the warts of the other as those became revealed?

Pop in Jamilla’s head: what she wanted was a man to meet in person, feel some chemistry and take her out to a meal. She moseyed along doing things that made her happy.

To her delight, a message from a fellow in her city came into a dating site in box within hours of her clarity: would she like to go out to eat with him?

Separately, she had wanted to try a new restaurant recommended as excellent. The man agreed to go there!

Ta da! Without dramatic intentional effort, our star attracted at least a chunk of what she wanted.

Do you have some illustrations of this phenomena? Please share how this works for you! We all love to be inspired!

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