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Peace Through Clearing Our Own Fear


We are hearing about outbreak of violent forces. Many of us are finding ourselves upset by all this exposure.

So many of us are reacting; some realize how much these circumstances are triggering our own fear.

Wow! we see outside ourselves situations we very much do not want. We remember we have the power to master our reactions!

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On this dear planet, we are all one. Since we are all connected, then getting clearer and stronger within ourselves would help the whole, would it not?

What if we addressed the fears inside ourselves that underly the stress that we see playing out around us?

Therefore, we can take on releasing our own fear and assist the whole. Embodying the peace we want to see, we can actualize more of what we want.

Lila’s approach

Lila had spent a lot of her life stressed out. When she took on becoming calmer, less reactive inside, she began by noticing what she enjoyed around her.

She started to practice going through her day looking for what went well, expecting and finding it. Wow there was quite a bit to notice! Our star got more experience with feeling secure and happy.

Lila has flowers coming up in her garden. Spring is starting. Look there are some tete-a-tete daffodils, bright yellow together in a cluster! Oh, and look there are Lenten rose blooming white and dark pink.

Our heroine found that when she felt better more of the time, she then could more easily discern when she was afraid.

To address our fear, we have to recognize it. And we want to create more capacity to pivot to the alternative: clarity, calm and fun.

When we feel more peace within ourselves, we have clearer perspective with which to perceive unrest and to transmute it within – we can feel calm when the proverbial chickens are running around with their heads cut off.

Tabby’s approach

What did Tabby do to feel better? She had always wanted to paint. In her childhood more than one of her teachers told her she created messes in art time and that she could not draw.

As a result she felt ashamed of her expression, put herself down in her head. She felt she must not do art at risk of humiliation. Years went by.

As this dear woman began appreciating what noticed in her life, she felt better and better.

With encouragement she decided to risk some playing around with paint.

Oh gosh, Tabby loved it! And then she started to get compliments on her pieces. More good feeling flowed.

As the weeks and months unfolded, T felt more confident and had more resilience for transmuting fearful scenarios.

Do you have an account to offer about how you recovered from a fear? When we hear of such successes, we bolster so many around us.

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