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At times many of us will experience some parts of our body not performing as expected, some dysfunction becoming evident. Some may find that very upsetting along with being concerned. Below is a story of how one woman went through some unexpected symptoms consciously staying in present time instead of assuming this weakened state would continue.

She asked herself what do I need to do in this moment? Well- Being surrounds me Always. She thought, “Can I remember my Wholeness right now and let more of that in?” Read on to learn more about this possible strategy.

The Tale

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Candy had had difficulties with her left leg over the years. Lately the swelling was minimal, and she had just started a new Chinese herbal formula to improve her circulation.

Two days after starting the new herbs C got home from teaching yoga class. She went to walk through her home and her left leg did not hold her weight. How disturbing! Then too with some of these tentative steps her leg was shot with pain. Yeow!

Since Candy has accumulated some tools for such inconveniences, she laid down on her back and put her legs up the wall. She stayed there awhile, breathing and relaxing.

C watched her mind too. She noticed the thought, “Gee I wonder if I can make it into the kitchen. Further, in about an hour I want to be able to get across the floor, out the door, down the deck 6 stairs, drive to the office and get up a flight of twenty or so stairs to second floor.”

That lady stayed relatively calm as she maneuvered carefully. She made it to her office. After she had a Jin Shin Jyutsu session she felt a lot better. Leg seemed more reliable and she got home too 😊.

Over the next several days, C got occasional buckling of her leg and weathered some stabs of pain. Mostly she walked ok, was able to swim and garden.

The point of this story is how she kept her thoughts mostly focused on how she could move right now.

Oh certainly, she felt a temptation to tell a story about how she could no longer do her beloved activities, how she might endure hobbling, pain for a long time! What if she could not take her planned vacation! How she might not heal from this condition! There are so many fears that she could pursue.

Candy chose not to do that.  Our star gave up thinking in those ways, letting fear run, projecting unwanted conditions into her future.

Instead, she put attention on how much normal walking she was doing. She went out to do her daily walk, reducing the duration at times when she felt fatigued.

This heroine went swimming when available and noticed what her leg would do there. Yup she could swim, again sometimes decreasing number of laps if she felt a strain.

At the end of the first day of the drama, this dear woman consulted the Chinese herbalist to ask if she should alter the use of the formula. She received the advice to stay the course for now.

To others Candy characterized her state as experiencing a bit of a leg blip. As we share this post, this protagonist is not fully healed. The buckling stopped and the times with pain have become less severe and frequent.

In her mind she repeats, “I walk easily. I am able bodied. -Well- Being Flows through me now.” This account reports on an episode where she minimized her suffering. She did not flood her mind with worry, did not tattoo a “bad leg” label on her forehead. This gal stayed in her power and cooperated with the process of life.

Do you have such a success story to share? We are powerful beings with much to appreciate!

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