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Living in the Stream of Yes

Benefits of Good Surprise Us


Part One

We flow along and look for the good. Isn’t it inspiring to look for what pops up to assist us as “We Keep on Keeping On.”  And as we look for good we keep finding more. Very cool, isn’t it!

Katie participated in a spiritual group and she also gave healing sessions of an energy medicine. One particular week, she had both activities scheduled on the same day. In fact, at first the meetings conflicted: in advance she was able to set them up sequentially.

Flowers II, 24 x 30, acrylic on canvas, $595

Off she went to attend the heart group of like-minded thinkers, complete with screening a movie and some donated brunch. Yum! As the morning rolled out, the group watched as a movie of emotional intensity played. Oh my! How long was this movie? Katie’s time for leaving to keep her appointment was approaching, and it started to seem like she would barely see the ending let alone be able to participate in the discussion.

Then the leave time was there; she gathered up her things, put her purse over her shoulder. The movie had just ended. K checked her phone. What a surprise! The client asked for an extra half hour on the planned start time. Happy Energy flowed through Katie’s veins! Rescued from the tight schedule!

That extra time allowed her to listen to reactions, deep feelings expressed, analysis and share her thoughts.

What a gift to get these moments for a richer experience! What fun!

Part Two

Charlene planted 10 or so seedlings on her gardening gig last week. If she worked in her own garden, her habit included observing them each day, watering can in hand: seedlings need watering to get established in those early days after planting.

It was not her job to attend to the seedlings each day; in fact her job would not bring her to that site again for four days. There was another worker who would check on the planting in two days time.

On the third day C learned that the other person had forgotten to tend to those seedlings.

Meanwhile the temperatures were scorching hot in the mid to high 90’s. Someone hearing this story might assume those tender new ones were doomed to shrivel up.

On the fourth day C arrived and headed over to view the plants.

To her astonishment, they were dry, yes but the vast majority had survived! Charlene watered them with gratitude and wonder.

Have you experienced episodes of wonderful occurrences just when you need them? Things unexpectedly turning out in your favor? Please share.

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