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Recover the “I can”

How do we recover from discouragement, from lower than preferred self esteem, feeling unworthy? How can we shift an inner habit of thought such as  “I am not sure I can do that. I don’t know if I can?” The account from Leonita below offers some insights to regain confidence and to move forward with panache.

All along Leonita has felt enthusiasm for living an inspired life. She has studied many modalities for personal growth and living well. On the way she has integrated much of this wealth into her own life.

Orange Forward, 20 x 24, $450

Orange Forward, 20 x 24, $450


About six months ago, she had presented a talk on about Living an Inspired Life to a moderate size gathering, about two score. Focusing on providing experiences of inspiration, L led those assembled in small break out group discussions. Actively and with pleasure, the crowd dove into sharing about what they loved, about their favorite topics of gratitude, and people they admire. What a great ice breaker! With gusto, the participants articulated their ideas, heard one another and made new friends.

Within the week following the event,  an evaluation of the event was administered, and results sent out to speakers. When Leonita received the structured feedback, there were some critical comments included.  Oh dear, our star took them personally, blaming herself and flooding with discouraged feelings.

She put some focus on inspiring herself– so few folks shared aspects they did not like. This group had not chosen this material– the organizer had. With some regret, she admitted she did have outdated habit of thought which put herself down….but wait, she was turning this around now. This was merely a lesson on the path.

Recent Events and Recovery

In the same month that she accepted the invitation to speak, Leonita also was invited to teach tips on inspiration at an adult education center. The date for the class was approaching. Would she promote it? Did she feel ready to be a cheerleader for this?

At first she felt the remnants of the hurt feelings. Unfortunately, she found herself still running the habitual thought of “I am not enough.”

To enjoy advertising the class, L wanted to feel inspired again. Ha! let’s turn about this downer thinking! To recover her vitality and enthusiasm she did the following inner work each morning for a week or so:

  1. Leonita sat and visualized what felt good about this opportunity.
  2.  Ruminating, L recalled the enthusiasm and delight she felt when she began this venture.
  3. Excitement coursed through her as she pictured helping others enjoy their lives more.
  4. Our star had done it for herself and she had learned how she had does it. On a roll she knew so many can benefit from what she can offer.
  5. Some DO want to absorb how a committed student can exercise greater control over their experiences.
  6.  It felt good to share this stuff!

“Well let’s see if I can put together a flyer for this class,” thought this dear woman. She found a great template, discovered a visual that would work successfully. Content came to her. A friend thought well of her draft and offered a few “on-target” improvements.

Mojo Flows

With relish Leonita proceeded to publicize the event. Some expressed interest.  Our teacher got immersed in how good it feels to put forth this material. In developing the flyer and picturing people receiving it, she remembered how to be happy herself. Some responded by cheering her on and complimenting her flyer.

This girl got some mojo going! Hee haw!

The No Go

“There was not sufficient enrollment for the class to go,” announced the venue coordinator. “This topic would be advertised for enrollment in about a year.”

Yes, she felt a bit of a dip. Reaching for better feeling she continued to call up how energized she felt teaching this material. Building her inner momentum L felt happy using these ideas,  living them, teaching them!

Angel Kiss

The day after the “no-go” was confirmed, Leonita had a good day exercising and visiting with a favorite friend. Toward end of the outing, she shopped for food. Walking through the store filling her basket she bumped into an acquaintance. That person asked what she was currently into and L responded that she was planning to teach cultivate happiness.

“Oh I am very interested in that,” declared the friend. “So please send me the materials! Don’t forget! I really want to attend.”

Wow that like an angel kiss for L! Unbidden grace! Validation that many will want this offering. A welcomed message of “Keep Going.”

Another Gift

One woman had responded “going” to the ad. Since she resided in North Carolina, L assumed she was not really planning to attend. It was an old friend and Leonita reached out to her. Know what happened? The NC resident scheduled a private session on Living an Inspired Life! So that mojo going produced immediate result! Pretty Cool!

Isn’t it good to see how the Universe sent those to her?

The more one practices noticing outdated thinking and turning it around, the better one gets at it and the faster the process works. Want to put a toe in this water and try it out? If you do, please share your results. We all benefit by supporting one another!

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