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Recording Appreciation


Creek in The Woods I, 16 x 20, $475

Creek in The Woods I, 16 x 20, $475

Want to get even more satisfaction from appreciating? Why not record them? Let’s chat about this.😊

Hailey Bartholomew, resident of Australia, created the website www.365gratitude.com. She has the fun of looking out for what she is grateful throughout her day, then clicking a photograph, putting it into her digital journal. Many others caught the magic of a focus on gratitude, and all are enjoying their 

lives more.

We know what is happening here! She decided to look for what is going well and then she finds it more and more. Then in a higher vibration she draws more and more of what she loves to herself.

Creating lists of appreciation gets feeling good on a roll. Pay off abounds in the satisfaction generated in the moment. Then each list maker gains the advantage of having this document to review.  We grow our own source of inspiration!

The Basic List: what would you record?

Here’s a few examples to give you the idea…

Dorothy recently watched a love story movie that took place on a tour of Costa Rica.  She saw much plant and wildlife of the area. Next day she noticed that she was behind a car that had a crocodile on the license plate. She followed that car for 10 miles! What a kick! Some free fun!

Tanya had a hard day last week. In the evening her husband gave her a foot rub! Oh golly that felt so Goood!!

Gloria had a challenging drive home in pouring rain and fog—this woman had to drive with her hazard lights going for long chunk of minutes at a time. The next day burst forth shining with sun and clear skies. The day seemed that much more gorgeous for the sharp contrast in conditions.

Sandy wanted to catch a sale price from a food supplier on the internet. Usually she does not hang out waiting for a sale—would it come? Her stock was low on some of the items… Then — wow flashing on the screen– the company offered a twenty-four hour 15% off coupon! Hooray! Wish granted!

Seedlings from last year’s crop of rudbeckia flower are popping up all around Lacey’s garden. She relishes the way nature works.

A Special List:  Personal Toolkit

Why not create a place to track appreciations which pack an extra punch of fun.. one’s that make you feel wonderful?

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a special notebook with particularly wonderful events, positive moments and thoughts to review?

Carrie hung an art show at a local women’s counseling agency. The curator there kept making comments like, “Oh I just love your work,” “My, this one is a beauty!”

During the Christmas holiday weeks, Roxanne had some intervals of feeling less than the happy. R pulled out the personal toolkit for the last two years and read. What a treat to peruse the record of powerful experiences and the fun she has been having – the good stuff that has momentarily slipped her mind when our star felt blue. Oops! She shifted her my perspective in just a few minutes!

Lara was changing her life big time, moving to an unknown area to follow her love.  Part of her transfer involved selling her house. Following real estate guidance, she did some fix up, cleared closets, staged and put it on the market. That house sold at the asking price easily.  To her amazement the housing market had spiked as she was selling and prices were the most advantageous in the last 25 years. She had not known that was coming, her focus had been on pursuing a dream. L realized an excellent profit! Amazing good fortune!

Want to record and relish some juicy tidbits flowing in your awareness right now? Please experiment and share your results! Pay off abounds!




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